Girls in Pink Tutus

Girls in Pink Tutus

Girls in Pink Tutus My turn to have a moan. First of all I want to say that all the Breast Cancer Care charities are doing a magnificent job in supporting us all. I have had absolutely brilliant support from this charity and I realise all the charities need to fundraise…BUT I just feel that these girls who wander around shops like Marks and Spencers dressed up in their pink tutus and who I subsequently find fagging away on their cigarettes in the entrance to the shopping centre still dressed in their Breast Cancer garb are just trivialising the whole thing. And today I have told them so…

BRAVO !!! hi frances

WOW i admire your confidence in doing so

you’re right of course these stupid girls do trivialise the whole campaign - i only hope that none of them end up in the same situation as many of us on this forum

it is typical of many of the people who think ‘they’re doing their bit’ but little do they realise the seriousness of any cancer campaign.

again, BRAVO you for sticking up for us and THANK YOU for doing so

loadsa luv adele xxx

absolutely because it makes it so hard for the people you really want to say ‘good on you to’ like my very self conscious 16 year old who is a long way from home and travelled even further to visit a friend and has taken her pink shoes and her pink top with her to wear with pride tomorrow in Oxford -