i live in Gloucester, fortunately my house has not been flooded, but we have been without water since sunday.
my employers…[a private childrens day nursery] are really selfish…we have remained open this week with no running water, owner gets water from brook for toilets which the staff have to carry through kitchen to put down toilets, have to boil water for washing up, handwash cot sheets, t-towels etc.,…most of the drinking water one of the parents has given to us as she has water at work…the staff are exhausted…4 of us, one of whom is pregnant also myself who’s in remission from BC…and not supposed to carry anything too heavy…yesterday the one owner told us we could close but wouldn’t get paid…today we decided we’d had enough and said we were going to close next week…one said ok…then other came in and said we couldn’t…couldn’t understand what our problem was…yet they have said…that if water is not back on when they go on holiday at beginning of august their closing nurseries and we’ll …in their words…have to go on the dole!!!
Ranting over…besides this and a few punch ups at water deliveries…there is quite a good community spirit around.
it does make you realise how much water we use…and waste…and gives an insight into how difficult it must of been for people years ago.



I sympathise with the situation in your area. However from your own personal financial point of view, they can’t just leave you high and dry (sorry about the phrase) with no money. There are a number of options such as guaranteed payments, pay in lieu of notice if they have to shut permanently (and redundancy payments) or possibly they could pay you and claim from their insurers.

I suggest you talk to someone like CAB to understand your rights
Good luck
Sharon x

We don’t have any contracts…even though i’ve worked there for over 13 years…8 of those with current owners…they seem to make up employment laws to suit themselves…i was in touch with ACAS yesterday…as some weeks we lose hours because children don’t turn up that are expected [even though parents still have to pay] and we don’t get paid if we lose hours…aptly they are in breach of contract by doing that…even though we don’t have contracts…aptly this means there verbal and as there is nothing written down to say they can or are going to do this, they are in breach.
On top of the water issues we have at moment, we are really fed up now.
Its exhausting, 4 adults in our house all have to be out of house at sametime…at moment means getting up bout 5.30-6am… to boil water for washing, seeing if bowsers been filled down road …sluicing loo’s…then get out of house …just about by 7.30…then have to do it all over again all day at work…
Shouldn’t moan i know…some people have lost the contents of their homes.

karen x

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a written contract, you still have rights. Go and see the CAB - at the end of the day you can still take them to a tribunal. I know it may not be top of your agenda right now but it could be worth your while in the long run

All the best. I hope the water situation sorts itself soon and good luck in your bc journey


and best wishes to you in your journey too.

karen x

oh karen what a worry for you as if its not bad enough not having water at home you have to put up with things at work, we all dont realise just how important water really is ,untill we havnt any. i do hope things will improve soon .you can always come here for a while. speak soon lynn xx

I might take you up on that if it doesn’t improve soon.

karen xx

I thought everyone was entitled to a written contract if they are employed. So I’d insist on having one. the days of slavery are over


Hi Karen
I have been wondering how you were getting on as Gloucs and the water crisis is always on TV. How awful that your affected not just at home but at work.
Flippin nurseries, they just get away with so much. I never had a contract in my last job and they treated us appalingly.
I just bet that they are insured and will get every penny they can through lose of earnings due to the closure.
It is not on you having to carry the water but i can understand sayin all this is easy. When you are in the middle of it these people have a way of putting all the work on you and not giving you a voice in any of it.

Let us know how your getting on and if your having time off you would be welcome here anytime take you sight seeing.

Mind you had a crisis this am water dripping through kitchen ceiling from bath upstairs, nothing compared to you though.

Take Care kid

You know, when the news of the floods started hitting the media my first thought was “How awful for all those on chemo who are already struggling with reduced immune systems …”

Six months ago, it would never have occurred to me. If there’s one thing this bl**dy cancer has taught me it’s never to make assumptions about other people, and how complicated and downright difficult everyday life might be for them.

Karen - hope you’re bearing up and that the immediate problem with your employer has been resolved. As a parent I’ve been questioning the dodgy employment conditions of staff in my kids’ nurseries for years …

All the best. Stockbeck

Hi Karen

Sorry to hear about your situation, but it does sound as if it is not really healthy for children to be in that situation especially when paying for it! Employer sounds like a bully and I don’t think she would get away with trying to make you leave if you do not do it.

Hope things improve really soon.


Hi all,
Finally got ok today to drink tap water…though bottled is still being given out at mo’!!!
Work…what a joke…owners have now gone on holiday…ended up i had to have 2 days off last week with a bad back…sure combination of carrying containers of water and child out to car in car seat were a big factor.
my manager told owners that only two of them could lift water…his reply…well tell them to bale it into smaller containers!!
going to GP next week to see if i can get a letter stating the reasons why i should not be lifting.
Should of just refused to lift…but try to just get on with it.

karen x

Hi Karen,
I am absolutely appalled , as a one time employer of 14 people - we had contracts of employment with all of our staff, even the guy who did the packing in our store room. My husband owned the company, a high tech electronic/chemical product, and left it to me to sort out the staff issues as the Admin Manager. I cannot believe for one single moment that I would have acted as your pathetic, if not negligent, employers.

I can empathise with you not wishing to be made “redundant”, but you really must make these owners of the nursery face up to their responsibilities. Cannot believe they have gone on holiday …just shows what irresponsible people they are.

If I were you, I would get onto the govmt agency that licences them - they are defintiely not worth working for.

Hope you will go forward with this complaint and give the owners their just deserves.