Glue rather than stitches

Hi all
I had bilateral WLE just over a month ago, and surgeon glued the wounds rather than stitches. The scar on the left is awful looking, all zigzagy and very ‘dented’. I can’t imagine them getting any better. Seems this was surgeons preference, it wasn’t discussed prior to op. Most books/articles mention stitches, so just wondering about the rationale for the glue. Any thoughts appreciated.

hi shiel,are the the scars in different places on the breast?i was lucky,mine in natural crease underneath but maybe if u have quite olot of tissue removed above the nipple then the cosmetic result is never going 2 be as good as below?gravity and all that!i had internal stitches but the actual incisions were glued.early alex xxx

Hi Sheila,

My WLE scar was also glued, I think that seems to be how they do it now. I also needed a re-excision as margins weren’t clear. The scar line is now dented and looked particularly bad weeks 4 to 8 but the dents are softening out over time and surgeon says he hopes it will look better as time passes. I was also told that post-rads, I can have lipo fill to make the cosmetic end result look better and I may do that, mainly because underneath now flat rather than scar itself.

Immediately after my Mx and recon my scars looked awful.Like you they had been glued, one bit was very lumpy. I described it at the time as looking like a cocktail sausage! But soon it softened and flattened and is now soft smooth and faded with no sign of my cocktail sausage LOL! The human body is amazing, I never believed i would look so good now.
You can get gel sheets called Dermatix I think that you place over your scars and they help the scars flatten and fade.Might be worth a go.
Love n hugs

Thanks ladies, makes me feel a bit more optimistic. Will try to find some of the dermatix stuff.

hi - I had glue and it all settles down nicely- it looks awful at first but my scar is very neat and tidy,though there is a dent ! Bit alarming when bits of the glue drop off !