GMTV This morning with Sally Whittaker

Hey Everyone

Did anyone catch GMTV with Sally Whittaker this morning? I loved the headwear she was wearing and wondered if anyone seen something similar? I’m due to start chemo this Friday so trying to get prepared!

Thanks, Carly x

Just watched it on the internet.

I think it is a buff, she’s obviously just better at wearing one than I am!!

Good luck with the chemo Carly, I had my last one last week! I had 4 x EC and 4 x Tax and I managed them OK, I seemed to have 1 off week, 1 OK week then back to normal just in time to start again! Always remember its not going to last forever!!

Best wishes


i think she is just so lovely and looks beautiful, sat watching her interview with tears in my eyes x

I missed. how do I watch it on internet. Tried switching on the hoover, but didn’t work (see adventure thread postings)

I never managed to look that good in a buff either! lol

Here’s the link…hope it’s ok to post it & also hope it works.

just click on the picture of Sally in the Playing Now section.


Thankyou , it worked. I doubt if I will look that good either.
She didn’t seem to have to wait long for her results…
But all the best to her

Thanks for posting the link. Good job it wasn’t Lorraine Kelly interviewing otherwise Sally would have been interrupted umpteen times. I understand what she means by expecting a cancerous lump to feel unlike what it actually did feel like.

When was she diagnosed? It sounds like she was diagnosed roughly about the same time as me - Nov 09 - although she’s finished chemo and I still have 3 months of it!