Go with the flow!

Hi i found a lump in Sept and have had surgery with reconstruction 8 weeks later. I cant believe how rapid the NHS are in dealing with breast cancer.
Im 45, married got 2 kids and was terrified when waiting for the results of my test. Got told it was level 2 and had to have breast removed. Got overwhelmed by the information i had to take in but now with the surgery over Im waiting to see what treatments I’m gonna need. All i can say folks is go with the flow as this is something you cannot defeat by being negative and scared. Im still blessed and know that there are people in this world suffering more than me. So, love is all you need! and it starts with loving yourself…x

Meesh Jav

You are so right!

Julia xx

Just wondering if you’re newly diagnosed and what treatments if any?

Me too. Was diagnosed in August, had mastectomy in October with immediate reconstruction and start chemo next week (3 Fec, 3 Taxotere). So far, have had wonderful support - NHS at it’s very best. Good luck you you in the weeks ahead!


I was diagnosed in Sept. Ive had lump and lymph nodes removed and start chemo next week. Surgery wqsn’t too bad, but you need to be rigorous with exercises!

Julia xx