Gods blessing

hi guys,
I back again. feeling a bit happier that last time I was here. Still feel a bit lost after having BC and rediscivering who i am… anyway I was at the shop where i work when a lady came in asking me if i could change a £20 note for her. i did not have any change. Any way she was asking about the products we sell and got talking as you do. After a while i found out that she had bowel cancer a while ago and that she was a nunn and had been sent from up north to work down here. She was ever such a lovely lady, when i was talking to her i wanted to give her a hug and cry- i think i wanted to cry for many reasons, happy, releif, empathy. She was just a normal lady out and about her business.
we chatted for a while and when she left i felt as though i was meant to meet her. She is a sign of love and hope. She was so warm and calm. I know it probably sounds bizarre to some poeple but it is little signs of hope like this that keep you going.
Hope everyone outhere finds thier little bit of hope in some shape or form.

Best Wishes

N xx

I know what you mean. When I went for my first post surgery mammogram on New Year’s Eve I panicked as I was leaving and exited through the wrong changing room. There was a lady in there and I couldn’t stop apologising to her. She told me not to worry and that she had been clear for 7 years. Then on Tuesday I met another lady in the waiting room when I was going for my final MUGA scan. We got talking and she had BC 15 years ago and was still clear. I’ve been feeling a bit blue recently and meeting this lady on Tuesday really cheered me up.