going back to work full time

im 39 had mastectomy and finished my chemo and radiotherapy in march,in april i went back to work for 14 hrs a week so i could get ESA,im finding this very tiring ,im really needed back to work full time,they arent pressurising me but i know it will make things easier.im wondering if i did go back to work full time and i couldnt cope would i be able to go back on the ESA at the higher rate.would be grateful if anyone had any advice for me.

Pass. I’m a horror when it comes to this stuff, but happy to nudge you to the top.

Hi Donna

i think you’ve got to ask yourself do you really want/need to go back full time - you say they want you to but what about you? If you want to give it a go that’s great, (sorry, i don’t know about the benefits side of things) but if you don’t want/need to then perhaps you should give it careful consideration before you do. I did work full time (actually through treatment) but I am not sure it was the right thing to do. I’m now part time. You say they aren’t pressurising you, but you do sound as though you are pressurising yourself.
Re the benefits would the direct gov website be able to help you? I would have thought there’s a publication on this site or the Macmillan site too that might be able to help. Whatever you decide i hope it works.

Love Mo x

Dear Donna,

I’ve attached the link to the BCC publication on benefits. It may have some helpful information for you.


Also attached is the link to the Employ charter


Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator