going back to work

hi all

im about ready to start a part time job i think.
my question is, i understood that if you leave a job or get the sack you dont get your benefits for 6 weeks.
so im a little worried that if i start a job and find i cant do it i wont get my benefits straight away? would a letter from my dr as to why ive had to leave the job work?

any help appreciated please
im a single mum in rented accomodation so cant go a week with no money from somewhere


The alternative would be if you start a job and then don’t feel up to it, you go off sick. If you think you’re never going to be able to do the job, then whilst off sick you could try finding something less tiring. If you felt you weren’t able to do any job, then you ought to be elgible for some kind of disability benefit. Sorry though I don’t know about delays in getting benefits.

ring the helpline this morning or on monday, they must be up to date with all the employment and benefit entitlements

I’d suggest you contact Macmillan about this, they are very knowledgeable about benefits, work, cancer and free legal help if you needed it. Also while im sure they could not pay you rent indefinitely, if you started a job and then had a crisis in five weeks and needed a short term help, i’m sure they would consider either a grant or at least good advice and maybe liason with your landlord. As a single parent you do have rights, that is to say your dependants have rights that are exercised througfh supporting you. There are also single parent support groups whose clinets dont usually have anything as dramatic as cancer so would probably love to be able to help you through a short term crisis, especially as you are trying so hard to help yourself. Wishing you all the best sorry i’m not nearer to Lincs cos maybe a good babysitter and someone to go out for a coffee with would be the first thing to help with!

If you start a job and find it is not for you as long as you have not been in it for more than 13 weeks your benefits should be ok. I would get in touch with your advisor at the Jobcentre she can talk you through your options.
If you are on benefits at the moment your housing benefit would not necessarily stop it may go down depending on how many hours you sre working you also get a 4 week run on for housing benefit but you have to ask for it so you would get the same as you are getting now for 4 weeks to help you back into work also depending on how many hours you work you could get working tax credits Again I suggest you get in touch with the jobcentre and as k them to do a better off calculation for you this will tell you exactly what you are entitled to when you start work. Also if you are on sickness benefit you are allowed to work so many hours a week and still get some benefit

Please feel free to pm me if you want I work in Jonbcentre and not sure as to your current circumstances so not able to give detailed advice but if you want help pm me details and I will try and help


Hope this helps


thankyou everyone