Going bold and my top head is sore.

I am stating to lost my hair and i have notice that the top of my head also at the back is sore.

Any ideas to help.


Hi UK Rose, so sorry this is happening - it sucks doesn’t it? When my hair fell out my whole scalp became very sore and I’m afraid the only useful advice I was given was to get it shaved. I was “lucky” that most of mine came out in one go, so it looked so awful I was glad to get rid of it, if your is coming out more slowly I can understand that you might not want to shave it (or if you’re using cold cap this might just be a one off ‘fall’). Cutting it very short might help if you don’t fancy a buzz cut or shaving

The other advice is use a very soft brush (I bought a baby brush!) avoid hairdryers, no products, no tying it back (if long) as these all make it worse. Try not to wash too often as the pressure of water (especially in a shower) can make it fall out

I was advised my my hairdresser to use E45 or aqueous cream on my scalp and its semed to help but I have sensitive skin so never did get to cope with the wig. Hope you have more luck.

Hugs and empathy

Oh Rose and Rev - I had the same thing and scalp is still sore at certain stages in the cycle.
I had a buzz cut some weeks ago which left me with stubble on top but it hasn’t grown at all and some is still coming out.
BUT I do find that aloe vera gel helps. I mean the real thing 99% aloe vera barbadensis - they have it in Holland and Barrett.
I rub it into my scalp after washing in the morning ( I still wash my hair every morning even though I haven’t got any).
Then I also rub it in when I get home from the office and rip off the wig.
It’s cooling and seems to reduce redness and rashes.
Might just help?
All the best Rose and hope it stops hurting soon

When my scalp started to get sore, I got my other half to take the clippers to it, and then went home and attacked it with a BIC razor. That felt a lot better, as there wasn’t anything left to make the follicles ache. It’s such a weird feeling, isn’t it, impossible to describe. I then shaved it in the shower every couple of days just to keep it tidy, until the chin bristles started growing again (just before FEC5 I think) so I figured maybe the head hair would join in. The avatar’s two and a half months after my last chemo and it’s currently a convict haircut.

CM my hair was very like yours at the same stage - my avatar is about 2.5 months post chemo. Nine months on from chemo it’s thick and wavy though still pretty short.

Sorry Rose, it sound slike we are all saying much the same thing… but if you make the decision for the cutting/shaving you are taking control and I found that felt better than the hair loss controlling me.

Big hug.

Thank you ladies for your comments. Going to get it cut. There is my hair all over the place, even then i though i pick them all up :::frowning:

Rose x

Brave woman! Hugs.