Going camping ... with bone mets and new hip - tips please!

Hubby feels that camping is one life experience that our little one (nearly 4) shouldn’t miss out on … and I’m inclined to agree, but I haven’t camped since bone mets dx and am a bit apprehensive about whether I’ll get a good night’s sleep, given that I’ve spinal mets and a hip replacement. I use a memory foam mattress topper on our bed at home and it’s bliss, and I find other beds when I sleep away from home too hard.

Has anyone else solved this for camping? What sort of bed did you end up buying? There seems a bewildering choice. Not to mention quite a range in price. I don’t just want to get the most expensive on the grounds that it has to be the best (!) because it may not be.

Any thoughts, advice gratefully received!

Alison x

Hi Alison

Hope you have a good time, we go camping (although can’t comment on bone mets, cos haven’t gone with those yet! Sorry can’t recommend anything specifically as I always find our airbeds quite comfortable and the fresh air/outdoor lifestyle always makes me sleep well anyway. Is there room to fit your memory foam in the car? or do you not want to damage it?

Perhaps you could try some things on the floor at home first to test it out, then if it’s really uncomfortable you can creep back into your bed! Do ask around your friends and try some out. After we had bought our first tent and had a holiday all our friends were saying “why didn’t you tell us, we’ve got… this or that!”

Anyway hope you have a great time and manage to sleep well (huge quantities of alcohol might help too!)

Take care Nicola xx

Hi Nicola

Thanks for your post.

Well, we went put and bought an amazing array of family-friendly kit (in the last 15 years or so I’ve only ever done backpack-style camping so this was a real eye-opener!). And we took off last weekend and camped for one night and it really was great fun. Our three year old made a friend straightaway and it brought back memories of my own childhood camping holidays with my parents.

We got a good quality, but very reasonably priced, airbed in the end and it was comfortable enough, although I didn’t sleep because my husband snores and we usually end up in separate rooms at home but in a tent there’s nowhere to go! Still, we enjoyed it and plan to go again soon. I’ll have to see if I can find some ‘stronger’ earplugs!

Best wishes, Alison x

Didn’t see your thread before otherwise I would have answered.

The Coleman double is well thought of, separate chambers for each side so meant to be more comfortable. Have used one alone on 2 french holidays and found it very good.

If you prefer sleeping mats, Fat Airics are apparently very comfortable. Bulkier than some but well padded.

Enjoy your future breaks, we caravan now but I do miss the tents!


Hello Ali

Thanks for your post. It’s the Coleman double that we’ve bought!


Hi Alison - bone mets certainly qualify you to invest in a camper van. Ours is old but brilliant - I have to confess we usually use it for festivals - it is a must not just to have a comfortable bed but your own toilet and shower on these occasions!

Still gald you found some solution

Take care

omg, think I still have chemo brain 6 months down the line, I just read the thread title as… going camp …with bone mets…some side effect that is

takecare xx