going crazy tonight

so i feel like i am going mad!

I found my breast lump 9 days after my period, went to g.p as you may know from my other posts, i have to go back next week if its still there, the thing is that on monday i was sat at my desk and i felt a tingling in my nipple i laughed about it with a friend but i did think it was strange. Yesterday my breast tissue felt really thick and tonight i have the thickness and a new lump not far from my other one!

I am due my period in just over a week but this thickness is only in my boob with the lump! my other one feels normal. is that normal?? It is reallyhard and thick

My nana had breast cancer but i didn’t tell my dr this, should i go back and tell her???

Hi hayley sorry to hear your worrying too, I know how you feel. One thing I hope I can put you at ease on is my mum has breast cancer, she was dx last month but she is 68. If your nana was an older sufferer like my mum, then I don’t think you have to much to worry about because today when I told them my mum had bc, when they found out her age they said it’s very unlikely that a cancer of someone that age is genetic. I should only worry if she had been alot younger. They really were not concerned at all, so I hope that helps put you at ease a bit.


Hi Hayley

I think you should go back, you have a change in symptoms and its better to be safe. I would mention about your nana too Im not sure if it means anything but the GP should know everything and then decide what to do.

Good luck let us know how you get on

Yvonne xx

Hi Hayley
Be open with gp and tell her your worries,its prob nothing but it will stop the worry


Evening Hayley!
Go back to your Gp and ask for a referal to your local one stop clinic. All lumps should go there. If my GP had taken the same attitude, I’d be in deep doodoos now. Instead he said to me,’ well, i can’t feel anything abnormal, but then again I’ve never felt your breast before and if you know there’s a change, better to be safe’. I went and the consultant said the same thing and 5 weeks later I’ve had a lot of investigations and I do indeed have BC and feel fortunate that it’s been caught early.


Td xx