Going for Biopsy tomorrow

Hi I am new here. I am 37 years old and my gran died of breast cancer when she was 46. I went for a Mammogram in October and the radiologist told me I have architectural distortion in my right breast. He did a number of mammograms and a sonar and the area is about 3cm x 4cm - it looks like a empty space in the mammogram. He told me to come back in 6 months. It has been worrying me constantly so I made an appointment with a surgeon on tuesday. He looked at the mammogram and said he can clearly see the “space” and then he felt my breasts but felt no lumps and said that there is something there but that I must come back every 6 months to check. He says breast cancer takes about 9 years to form a lump and he is not at all concerned about me. I am very concerned and worried and think about nothing else. Should he not have done a biopsy or something. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This is a difficult one to answer. I had loads of microcalcifications and architectural distortion which revealed a tiny tumour, believed to be < 1 cm.

If I were you, I would push for a biopsy, if only for peace of mind.


Thanks Mcgle - I am now scheduled for a Biopsy tomorrow under general anaestetic - is this normal?

Can anyone tell me what to expect. I am not sure which kind of biopsy I am having. I am having it in hospital though and I must not eat or drink from 10 tonight so I think it must be under general. I was in such a state when they said this morning that I had to go in tomorrow I forgot what I wanted to ask.


If I were you I would ring the breast nurses at the hospital. I had biopsies taken under a local, but they gave me a general when I had a lump taken out. If you give them your hospital number they should be able to fill you in.

Good luck for tomorrow let us know what happens.

Yvonne xx

I had biopsy with a sort of gun - four shots, four samples - no anaesthetic at all. Very little discomfort. Piece of cake, really. I’d definitely check with nurses or whomever about what exactly is going to be happening to you. Not so much to affect proceedings, but it is our right to know what is going on - if we want to.

On edit: having said that - maybe there was a local. I can’t separate the details from the general haze. Anyway, very little discomfort.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I think you are all amazing strong woman on this forum. I will phone the hospital shortly to ask exactly what they are going to do.