going for pre op assessment tomorrow what does it invovle


Am attending my pre op assessment tomorrow and am wondering what I can expect, I had my mri last week and was wondering if I will get the results of it and be told if I need chemo and when the surgery will be. ? Is it with a constulant or nurse…?

A pre op is with a nurse, and is simply there to check that you are fit for surgery. She will do your blood pressure, height and weight, plus go through with you what to expect on the day. You wont receive any results I’m afraid. That will be done through your consultant.
Sue xx

Echoing Sue’s comments. Mine involved filling in a lot of forms about medical history, had I had any previous general anaesthetics, dates etc,  allergies etc. Then height, weight, blood pressure (mine was through the roof so had to go on meds to get it down for the op. It’s fine now, without meds!), and Blood test. No results or anything like that. 

Hi just wanted to add that I had my pre op done over the phone!!! I was booked in for surgery on NHS but didn’t want to wait so my family paid for me to have it done privately. It was quickly organised as the surgeon was taking annual leave the day after so the pre op was done by telephone call!!! All went fine by the way!! Good luck with everything ??

I havent a clue!!?? didn’t really think about it all at the time it was such a rushed job to get me operated on!! But hey ho it all went to plan thank goodness ??