Going For Surgery

Hello everyone is me again l saw my surgeon on friday and l was told that my implant is
infected and have to be removed.Am going for my surgery on 21st of February Tuesday
2012. Has anyone gone through this before?Am worried.
Theboyz5 x

hi there,

sorry you have to have further surgery. hopefully someone will come along who has experience of this and can re-assure you.

was your reconstruction implant only. how long ago was it put in.

TTM xxx

Hi Theboyz5

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence then the helpline staff here will be only too happy to talk to you, they’re here to support you through this. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Thanks ladies my implant was a year ago and is only the infected implant that will be removed.
I will call the helpline nurse.Once again thank you.
Theboyz5 x .

Hi Yes I had my implant removed over a year ago due to infections. I had been in hospital trying to save it with iv antibiotics but was taken in as an emergency to have it removed.I was so relieved to have it out however now I feel I want to try
recon again but my surgeon won’t do it again so I am now going to have a diep.

Hope your op goes well any questions please ask

Hi Tinfish,
I was on antibiotics as well trying to save mine.But on getting to hospital on friday its emergency
and needs to be removed on Tuesday.l was told that in three months time l can have it
replaced,my breast reconstruction was LD flap with becker implant just a ago.
Theboyz5 x.

Hi. Have you had radiotherapy to the breast? Thats why they said i couldnt have the ld again.


Yes have had radiotherpy before going for my breast recon.using LD flap and l culdn’t believe this is happening to me again tinfish after all have been through.To avoid all these that is why l decided to go for LD flap in the first place.


I also had the LD flap as it would be an easier op,/recovery and back to work sooner, how wrong I was!! I have a healed hole in my back where stuff came out of the wound (which my new consultant says he will sort later) and I have a 1/3 of a boob which he says he will removed and the preform the diep. I had a letter from Guys saying it wouldnt be a bad idea to have the good boob off. I lost my job as they wouldnt let me return back part time in my original position so had to get a solicitor involved so we parted company and I am not working now. I was going to start looking for another job but when I say I have been off since 2007 and now the recovery time for the diep I have put that on the back burner.

What area are you from



Hi tinfish
Am from Essex london .Since my wound from the recon.refuse to heal am off work
to get myself healed first. The surgery is tomorrow .My op.was ok until when
l have this infection which is drawing me to anothee surgery .Thanks you’ve given
the strenght for the surgery.


I hope the surgery goes well are you just having the implant out this time?



Thanks everyone my surgery was successful but very painful.l was cut
open to remove the infected implant and the primary open was stitched
while my initial wound was package with healing aquacel.My stitches will be
removed in two weeks while the district nurse changes my wound dressing.
I can’t really say much but to say thank you to everyone.l hope
my wound heal soon.l was told this will take time ,but with the support
of you ladies l hope it will heal soon.
Thanks .

Glad the op went well did the put in a new implant in at the and time.


The new implant is suspended for now, because of the weeping (fluid)and bleeding.The district
nurse has to put the aquacel bandage deep inside my wound to heal from inside to outside.I was
hard on myself going back to work so soon.After my mastectomy in 2009, radiotherapy 2009 and LD flap reconstruction in 2011 and removal of port entruding also 2011 and removal of infected implant in Feb.2012 during these treatment and surgery l was working.Now l need to be very careful for my wound to heal and l hope the stitches
where my implant was being taken out will be removed when next l see my surgeon on thurday. Tomorrow l will see my GP so the surgery nurse will continue the dressing which needs changing everyday.Am wondering what l will be doing to take my mind off it.The more l move my arm the more the fluid and the blood.These cannot be drain because of my blood tissue.
Thanks x.

I also was packed with aquacel its good stuff. I couldn’t have another implant so having diep in July, I hope it turns out well I am fed up now with the way I look.

I hope you stop draining too I hated that part also they attached colosimy bags to my wounds and the times I forgot about them and had accidents.

What do we go through!!!


l hope and wish all turns well for you in july when you go for your diep.You’ve given me courage
so don’t give up on yourself now because of the way you look. All we need is support and care which l know you get from this forum.how long does it take your wound to close .


Yes the forum has helped me over the last 14 years, its also really helps when you hear from others who have been through somilar and have come out the other end.

I am really scared about the diep but I have no alternative, but reading about the other ladies who have had the op and have come out the other end fills me with hope.

I am so glad I have helped you and knowing that has helped me too

Keep smiling