going out

Hi everyone,
I’m new to this site.
Does anyone know if I can drink alcohol while on FEC. I have not been out since December 8th and to be honest didn’t want to.
I am in my second week of my 1st chemo hit and feel normal-ISH! At least more ‘normal’ than I have done for some time.
I have not lost my hair YET and feel that I should take this opportunity to BE NORMAL and do ‘normal’ things before I have to retreat back into my shell.
I’m not intending to get drunk or anything silly but it would be nice if i could have a couple of sociable drinks as I have not felt nauseous for a good week.

Have any of you had a drink and felt okay or does it interfere with the drugs?


hi lesley
I had a drink on fec and felt ok, i asked my oncologist and he said it was fine, i must admit my taste buds changed i went off wine but really enjoyed a cider, we have enough to deal with without beating ourselves up over having a drink
enjoy !!
love galen xx


I had my second dose of FEC 2 weeks ago and have found its best if I do not drink 3 - 4 days before chemo and about a week/10 days after (depends on how feeling). Must admit i am drinking a lot less than I used to, but do enjoy a couple of halves of beer or glasses of wine. I tend to make sure I drink extra water day after just to compensate any dehyration. Enjoy while you can, Anne xx

Hi Lesley
I finished 6 x FEC on Jan 6th and drank all the way through chemo, when I felt like it, which wasn’t all the time. I had lots of nights out etc and my birthday, christmas and new year fell during chemo.
I checked with the chemo unit and they were fine, so long as I felt OK.
Didn’t go daft, but I did relax and enjoy myself when I could…
enjoy some nice nights out with a relaxing drink - least you deserve!!
monica xxx

I am the same as Monica, and have a glass of red on the go right now! I’ve had 4x FEC and 2x Taxotere so far.

Don’t retreat into your shell for the whole chemo if you can help it - we all need to feel a little bit normal and chemo goes on too long to not go out and see your friends!!!

I’ve been bowling with work colleagues tonight, was at a friends house for drinks and nibbles last night, am out to lunch with some other friends tomorrow, went to a comedy gig last weekend… you get the picture!!! :wink:

Hope FEC is good to you xx

I finished 6 x FEC on the first of Feb and drank after every cycle when I felt like it, but did try to drink extra water the day after to compensate. One of the first things the chemo unit told me was that i could still drink when I felt like it. I think it helps to feel as normal as possible during treatment other wise it would be a long hard journey!

Dena x

Hi…really hope you enjoy your night out. :slight_smile:
I so agree with Flora and Dena don’t retreat all of chemo…if you feel ok do all the normal stuff. I’ve been on chemo a long time (long boring story) and it’s not going to take over my life…Take Care…xx

I tried to keep going as normal as much as possible - I went to the cinema a lot and out for meals and stuff; also managed a couple of trips to Center Parcs in the gaps between one treatment finishing and another starting. I think it helped me stay sane tbh.


yes go out enjoy yourself we need all the support we can get at this time and the best medicine is a night out with good friends and having a good laugh(oh and a drink or two). dont hide away when your appearance changes be bold, i was suprised at how quickly i got used to the new look me (out in hats,scarfs,bandanas but the nhs wig just isnt me lol)
have some fun you deserve it.xx

I was the same lillyloo - the wig just wasn’t a good look for me and I looked better in other headgear. I had bandanas in all colours and patterns to go with different things and as some of my treatment was in the winter I had a range of range of hats and baker boy caps in checks and corduroy.

Go out and enjoy yourself, there is no point in sitting in, try and do the normal things you did before chemo. I’m due my 5th FEC this week and have drank wine or lager right the way through. I dont drink for the 6 days after chemo as my taste buds are on another planet, but I make up for it during the other 2 weeks, its one of the treats that helps to keep me going.

Hi everyone
Thanks for all your advice and comments they were all really helpful, however, I did not end up going out that night as the nausea reared its ugly head again, for one night only!

I will try to do normal things when can though but it is going to be difficult as my hair is so thin now; I would estimate another 3 days of falling before I’m bald!
I’ve just had my second ‘hit’ of chemo and feel awful, as you do! But I managed to go out and buy a wig, 1 scarf, 1 bandanna and 1 turban type hat that I thought looked like something you would come out of the shower in. (My vanity has even drawn me to think of all scenarios like what if the postman knocks?!)
I think it will take a few weeks for me to go out alone. (I know, I’m such a wimp) but I may be able to drive next week and venture into other towns. Is anyone else as ridiculous as me?


If it is of any reassurance at all, I have not felt that anyone stares at me or notices anything different about me at all. I either wear my wig (to work, and around smaller children) and hats (for shopping, day trips and often nights out down the pub!) and no-one stares or sees me any differently.

I get the impression that is what you are afraid of.

I have just been wearing woollen beanie hats and a baker boy style hat. My sister in law bought me some scarves, but I feel they look too ‘obvious’ as a cancer victim, whereas the hats are worn by everyone - I guess this gets tougher as the weather gets warmer.

I am someone who makes it clear fairly up front that I am having chemo and my hair is not my own, to stop people wondering (some people have just commented on my change of style, not necessarily realising it is a wig!!), but I understand many people don’t want to bring attention to themselves in this way.

I do hope you get the chance to get out soon. It really REALLY helps, mentally (in my opinion) to keep as normal as possible and not let cancer rule your life for the next few months.
Hugs Flora xxxx

One thing I found helpful when I wore bandanas all the time was that I found a site which sold cotton quilted skull caps and I bought two, so I had one in the wash when I was wearing one. They make the shape of your head look much better, so you don’t have that “totally bald” shape.

I also had a load of hats and baker boy caps as I had a lot of my treatment during the colder months. I just used to tuck the tails from my bandanas up underneath and it just looked as if I was someone who had tucked all my hair up underneath. Then when you took your hat off, your head was still covered.

For in my bed I had 2 pastel coloured fleece beanies and I would leave one on the end of the stairs in case I was wandering about bald and the door went. When I was out in my garden with a bandana, my elderly next door neighbour said to me that anyone coming to the door would just think I was cleaning my house :slight_smile:

I did buy a couple of quite expensive turbans thinking they would look elegant, but I just looked like Hilda Ogden’s lovechild!

I agree Cherub about the turbans. I keep a hat on a peg by the front door. I wear bandanas, scarves and my wig. You see so many people wearing scarves these days its difficult to tell who has hair who doesn’t. I got ideas for scarf wearing off the internet. I wear my wig when going to work. Indoors i have been wearing a hat as it has been cold. Just like wearing whatever clothes you feel comfortable in, wear whatever you feel most comfortable in on your head. Good luck

Thanks everyone,
I’ve still got wisps of hair; it is more for my children’s sake that I haven’t just plucked them all out. I think it will be easier for them if they see it gradually coming out, although it is really getting on my nerves now; everything I take off at the end of the day looks like I’ve added a fur collar!!

And you are right Flora, I am worried what other people think. That is so vain, I know. But looking at your picture, you look good. Not everyone has such complementary features. I have a really small head, but used to have a very thick covering of hair which disguised it, but now I can see that my bald head will look like a peanut! I also have quite biggish ears and one of them sticks out quite a bit; Ive always covered them!
I have trouble with hats as they are always massive though I will take your advice Cherub and try to find a skull cap.

This is really trivial I know when I look at the bigger picture.
So sorry to be a winger.
Lesley. x

Hi Lesley
I have found that losing my hair has done wonders in helping me to lose my self consciousness. A year ago I wouldn’t have been seen out with my roots showing, or without a fringe (had lines on forehead!) I realised about half way thro chemo that wearing a hat while christmas shopping at modern mall and hot flushes don’t go very well together so took off my hat and had a sit down and a cool drink. Got a few stares, but it suddenly felt so trivial, and it was so nice to be cool… I just stopped worrying about it. I sometimes wonder if I’ll be as self conscious when all my hair is back etc, but right now I’m so proud of my inch long fuzzy black(with grey bits) hair that I just go bareheaded. But still wouldn’t go out without makeup!!
Hope things go well for you during chemo
monica xxx

hi daisyleaf

loved your comments made me laugh…im the same as you, got to the stage where i whip the head gear off in public, driving the car,pub,asda. ooh where next.lol x


I know I won’t be quite that brave but I will try to aspire to at least looking at people in the eye as they stare at me.

Lesley. x

That’s the way, Lesley. But seriously, they won’t stare. They won’t. And if they do, they’ll be looking at the pimple on your nose or admiring your nice necklace. Honestly.