going to breast unit today

Hi everyone,
going to the breast unit today, so as you can imagine i am now papping myself, appointment is at 2pm, so taking my little girl to baby group first trying to keep as busy as possible, then picking my older girl up and taking them to a friend while me and hubby go to hospital, i know im not asking a question i just needed to write something, again trying to keep busy, little one is playing happily on the floor so i need to do something, and as some of you on here have said to me thats what this board is here for.
thanks anyway, love lis

Just to wish things pan out well for you today. Cyber hugs coming your way.

Thank you,

Lis - really hope the news today is good… {{{hugs}}}


Hi Lis

Just a quick hi to wish you all the best for today - I’m sure we all remember that 1st appointment - or any of the appointments for that matter (& the ‘pappines’!! at times)

Lots of love. Cathy x

Hi Lis,

A big hug from me as well. I hope that everything goes smoothly for you.

Take care


Thank you all for your lovely words, yesterday went very quick once we were at the hospital, had examination a scan and then doc said its a fibre thing sorry i can say or spell it far to big a word lol, but because its 3cms they want to remove it, went over to day surgery to arrange appointment, having it done on the 20th oct which is great news, cant believe how safe they are about mrsa though, i had to do 3 swabs and take a special bodywash home that ive got to use for a week before i go in, mind at that point i was over come with how fast this woman was telling me stuff, when she asked if i had any questions i was like what ive not had time to take in any of what you said, and now i think im having a local anasthetic but to be honest she could have told me they were going to knockme out with a mallet as she spoke so quick, anyway great news so thank you so much for your support love lis