Going to chase up GP

Going to chase up GP

Going to chase up GP Hi There

Thank you for all your support during the week, I have settled down a bit now and realise no amount of worrying I do will change the outcome either way. I have either become rational or my body gave in to sleep deprivation!!

I have taken you advice and I am going to chase up the GP and clinic on Tuesday (which will be a week after referral to clinic) to see when my appointment is likely to be but they did say 2-4 weeks.

I will post again when I know a date/outcome.

Take Care
Wishing you all well


Appointment Hi V

Good for you. This waiting around stuff is the pits, but at least if you have a date in mind, you have something to work towards.

Glad things have calmed down a bit - the beginning bit is awful, but it does get more managable once the ball gets rolling.

Let us know when you get your date!

Jacki xx

appointment Hi V

Also thinking about you in getting your appointment date.

Dannygirl x