Going to concert ? not sure yet!!!

Girls, I am supposed to be going to see Prince on 17th Aug but honestly dont think I can face it. the thought of it seems so scary - really want to go. Just think it is going to be so hot and loud and big that i am going to get all panicky . Going to see my counsellor a couple of days before hand so that she can talk me through things. It isnt the tiredness that is worrying me - just the size of the actual event etc. Does anyone know how I feel and any tips for facing this ? Think it will be better to just not go and let my family go and enjoy it without me spoilng it.

Vez x

Hi Vez,

I went to see UB40 at a ‘standing concert’ 2 weeks after surgery. I was sensible and surrounded by 2 friends who made sure I didn’t get hit in the chest region. However, 1 of my friends was 6 weeks post gastric band surgery so we had to make sure no-one hit her in the stomach- lol! We waited for most of the crowd to disperse before we left the venue. I was shattered for days afterwards but did enjoy it.

Are you seeing Prince at the O2 (I’m seeing him on the 9th September). When you get to the O2, go to the box office and explain your concerns. They will seat you in a safer space (they always have seats available for people who are uwell etc). Wembley Arena did this for my neice who broke her leg the day before a concert and gave us fantastic seats (we had standing tickets but she wouldn’t have coped with her leg in plaster)- it’s worth a try.

Enjoy the day- it will be worth it

Kat x

Dear Vez

I had to give up my Prince ticket as mine was on the very day of my chemo… If you can face it, you should go, it was amazing apparently.

And yes, I’m sure the arena will make concessions for you, I have been in smaller London venues and they have let me outside for air when I’ve asked even though they have a no re-entry policy.

I did go outside the Shepherds Bush Empire during a gig (again they let me back in) as I did panic slightly at the crowds, but there was no special seating there.

Cecelia. x


I went to see Tori Amos recently, a week after chemo - I was determined to get there, by hook or by crook !! I left slightly before the end, as the heat etc got a bit too much for me. I totally agree with Kate67, explain your concerns when you go there, and hopefully they will be able to help. I would try and go and see him if you can, he is meant to be brilliant.

Good luck,

Hi Vezza
Go for it - it will be worth it and I’m sure you will have such a good time you wont have time to think of yourself. I went to see Kylie Minogue a few days after my last chemo (last New Years Eve) most concerts are seated so people have to stay in their seats so you wont be pushed from behind, you could ask your family to be either side of you to protect you from being knocked.

I was so hot in my wig singing and dancing I just took it off and carried on dancing, absolutely no one took any notice as they were all having such a good time to look at me!!! Kylie has a huge Gay following so most of the guys had shaved heads so I kinda blended in!!!

When we left and got back to the car I fell asleep as we waited to get out of car park and woke up 4-hours later just as we arrived home at 5am in the morning - wouldn’t have missed it for the world

I hope you go - don’t let BC deprive you of having a good time.

Take Care


I went to see Bon Jovi 4 days after my first chemo and 7 weeks after my surgery. I phoned the venue and explained all this. They were amazing and let me in the staff entrance, changed my seats for brilliant ones and took me up in the lift etc…Try ringing the venue…


thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have emailed the o2 arena and got a contact name to speak to on the night - she has been made aware of my situation. Feel better about the show now and agree that I cant let BC ruin the evening.

will let you know how it all goes.

Vez xx

Have a great time Vez and let us know how it went as I’m going to see Prince in September…Take That in November and December…!