Gonna rant-shoddy goods.

Are we a nation of complainers? Blimey I might become one, as two things have really p****d me off this last week.

Last Saturday, included in my over £100.00 bill at the supermarket were two rolls of Christmas paper in a sealed boX. Really pretty, one crimson ,one gold. Yesterday I thought time to get wrapping. I sat in the lounge surrounded by pressies and paper and tags etc and got to work. I was just wrapping a box of smellies when I looked and thought how dusty the box was, so gave it a wipe and started again. I then looked down and noticed that my trousers ( which were black) were also covered in dust. Turned out that all the ‘ghold decor’ on the paper was just falling off everywhere and I mean everywhere. My clothes, the pressies . the table, absolutely everything covered in dust and glitter. So glad I wasn’t wrapping Dad’s dark striped dressing gown. Have put it back in the box and an returning this week-end.
Today bought a ponsettia for the lounge, ( I love them). Took off the cellophane wrap and two of the five stems were dead! So what I thought was lovely bushy plant looks like a little straggly thing. Thing is I don’t have the heart to take this back as it needs a good home and I am always a sucker for the underdog.
Hey ho!

Norma XX

reminds me of a pair of trousers I bought my daughter a few years ago - she went to wear them and the seam had never been stitched! I took them back, was given a replacement and - same again! Again I went back and was informed that “Although we shall change them, you must accept that this happens”, well, I disagreed - once I could accept as an accident - but twice is just carelessness. Once I got the trousers and checked them, to the sound of sighs, I then requested a pair of scissors and cut my store card into lots of pieces. I told them that I would not need it again as I would never shop there again, and I haven’t!

Personally I think that they are in such a rush to get goods into the shop for Christmas that they neglect quality control.

Got to join this one girls.

Twice the same thing has happened to me. Bought my daughter a 2pk pair of tights aged 3-4yrs. Got them home to find there’s one pair 3-4yrs and one pair 2-3yrs.
Bought a 3pk of vests a few weeks later aged 3-4yrs. Got them home 2 of them were 3-4yrs and one was 2-3yrs.

Grr!! I wouldn’t mind if the odd size was bigger, at least she’d have grown into them.
Be warned ladies - check multipacks, packing gnomes are on the loose!!!