Good article about Cyberknife in Daily Express yesterday

Thought I would provide a link to an article that appeared in the Daily Express yesterday. The National Radiotherapy Implementation Group produced a report at the beginning of June that recommended funding for Cyberknife and other forms of stereotactic radiotherapy, and the Govt accepted the reports recommendations. However, although the report was supposed to form the basis of NICE approval, it appears that NICE are now in talks with the Department of Health, and the worry is they are procrastinating. Anyway please read, because it’s important that we get this funded.

Thanks for the update - problem is they are prioritising cancers they think they can “cure” rather than those of us with secondaries - my Onc has told me the new TomoTherapy at my hospital is only going to be used to head and lungs - so that eliminates me and my liver. But I will find access somewhere either here or abroad!