good evening all :)

well, I have known about BreastCancerCare, in a professional capacity…I didn’t think I would end up on the ‘other side’!

I am a 48 year old woman…no history of breast cancer in the family…discovered a large lump on left breast a couple of weeks ago…as I had just attended a course on breast awareness (yep, ironic)…i made appt with my gp, who referred me to breast clinic…I thought she would just say ‘Ah your pre-menopausal’ and that would be it! But she had quick feel and just said that it would be best to attend the breast clinic. She told me I would be seen within a fortnight.

Gawd, I was pretty ‘shook-up’…but keeping positive :slight_smile:

I did just get my letter…but appt not till 26th march…which is 3 weeks…really disappointed that it is not next week as I just want to get it over with, one way or another.

My imagination is running riot!!

I’ve read a lot of the comments on here…and it is a comfort to know that other women feel the same as I do now…the uncertainty is killing me!!

friends and relatives are great…but they all just say it will be fine!! Hopefully it will be fine!!!

Plus cant say im looking forward to the whole ‘clinic process’!!! bit of a wuss when it comes to pain…and hate needles! I know it has to be done…but still hate the thought of it…have heard some awful stories about mammograms and the needle stuff! EEk!!

I know…I have to chill!!! :slight_smile:

would love to hear from other women in a similar situation? :slight_smile:

take care and love to you all :slight_smile:

Pauline x

Hello Pauline,
firstly, well done for taking the initiative you have done to get this checked out - that is the most courageous thing. It’s good that your GP has referred you to the breast clinic s/he is not qualified to make a call on what you lump is, and has done the right thing. Three weeks from referral is an ‘odd’ wait - quick if it’s a ‘routine’ referral but too long if it was (as I suspect) an ‘urgent referral’ where the NICE guideline is 2 weeks. If you can face it, I would phone your GP and/or the clinic to see if this can be hurried up, as the waiting is absolutely the pits. They often have cancellations, which sounds odd, but is apparently becuase they reserve quite a few slots of follow up appointments and then don’t need them because roughly 90% of lumps turn out to be benign.

If it is any reassurance, I am 49 and now roughly 18 months on from finding what turned out to be a very large tumour, have had the full whack of treatment - chemo to shrink the lump, mastectomy and reconstruction and then radiotherapy. None of it was anyhwere near as bad as I feared, and I am now getting on with living a full and rewarding life, albeit still having drugs and regular checkups.

Hopefully you will be in the 90% who go away from here relieved, but if you are unlucky enough to need to join us long term, you will find brilliant support as you go through excellent treatment.

In the meantime, you might want to call the help line (number at the top of the screen) and they will be glad to listen or advise as appropriate.

Take care - and hope you can get that appointment brought forward.

Big cyber hug

Hi Pauline and welcome to the BCC forums

As Revcat has kindly suggested you may find it helpful to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 the lines are open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2 and our team are here to offer you further support information and a listening ear during this worrying time for you

Best wishes

Thank you RevCat and Lucy :slight_smile:

yes, will definitely give the helpline a call :slight_smile:

On my appointment letter, it rather ‘cheekily’ says ‘This is earliest possible date. Your Gp will not be able to arrange for a quicker date’…ie. please do not bother us by phoning!!! But as you say, surely there must be cancellations??

anyway, will give them a phone this morning

Had another rubbish night, tossing and turning…Im driving my cats bonkers!!! lol

hope everyone has a good day :slight_smile:


Hi Pauline
As a fellow ‘waitee’ I can’t offer any real support other than perhaps reiterate what Revcat has suggested to see if you can be seen sooner.
My appointment is today and I annoyed my dogs all night by keeping them awake :o) I’m currently at work and can barely keep my eyes open!
Best of luck with your endeavours to change your appointment.
Em x

thank you Emmard :slight_smile: I hope your appointment went ok!!! x

Very lucky indeed that I’ve been sent off for 6 weeks at which point he’ll have another look/feel and decide whether he wants to do a biopsy.
Any joy changing yours? Hope your cats sleep better tonight :o)

good luck and i hope the time flies in for you.
i am waiting on my biopsy results and i feel like i am going mad so i can totally sympathise with you.x

gawd it just seems so crazy that everything takes soooo long for everyone!

I didnt even manage to get through to the number today!

Will try again tomorrow.

Is there anyone from Glasgow area waiting for their first appointment too? maybe there has just been a rush!!

I am sooo tired…hope i sleep better tonight…Im supposed to be working on a presentation for an interview on fri…but brain is mush!!! must sort myself out!

hope you all sleep well tonight :)…missing my wee cats in bed…yeah…that is how sad my life is!!! lol


Hi Pauline,

Waiting stinks doesn’t it?

NICE guidelines are that any referrals via the GP for breast should be on a two week pathway, although I see you’re in Scotland, so your area may well be different. I was seen nine days after my initial appointment with my GP. I then had mmg, ultra sound, then an FNA, which I had to wait four days for the results, inconclusive, then a core biopsy, finally surgery last Wednesday, now awaiting histology report!

This process has taken six weeks from first visit to GP to now, which I am happy with. I now have to go through the whole process again, having found another mass under my arm!

Mind you, this time, I do know what to expect!

The FNA if you have to have one, is like the injection one receives if haing a filling, very similar, the core biopsy, you will receive another dentist like injection to numb and all you should feel is pressure nothing else. I had slight bruising and some pain afterwards, just rested on the day and the next day was up doing my ironing, like a good un! I hate needles, but if you have a huge fear of them, then make sure you tell them, so that they know, if you wriggle about it can be quite hard as usually guided by ultra sound to stab the offending lump!

Best of luck and let us know…

Hi Pauline,
there are quite a few Glasgow (and surrounds) ladies on here - including me, an adopted Weegie though English ;-). I was treated via Western Infirmary, Canniesburn at GRI and of course Beatson; all utterly brilliant. Very long wait times for radiotherapy in west of Scotland. Maybe initial apps are taking longer now as evidently central belt has an unusually high incidence of breast cancer? No NICE up here, but they seem pretty much to have hte same guidelines.

We have a Glasgow/Ayrshire thread which you are very welcome to join - it’s mainly used to arrange lunch meet-ups! We have recently launched a private FB group as some ladies have moved on from this site whilst others are still very much involved. We are all ages and stages from newly diagnosed (dx) to around three years post dx.

PM me if you think I can help or if you think out dining club is for you!


Please accept my apologies for my post, you know what happens and there was me babbling away!

hey everyone :)…to be honest…after posting on here…i havent been back…think it’s a denial thing! :)…anyway my appointment is tomorrow at 9.25…i havent been bad at ll…but this weekend has gone too fast!! And I now find myself sitting crying…not sure why…well, of course i know why!!! im pretty scared!! scared still actually…i keep thinking my life could totally change tomorrow…then i think im being so melodramatic!!!

This is the only place that feels ‘safe’…where there are women who understand exactly what i feel…

I know whatever happens…I’ll just have to deal…there are so many brave women on here who are inspirational!!!..I just hope I can ‘keep the side up’!!! :slight_smile:

I dont think im going to be getting much sleep tonight…i kind of feel sick…I think i must be a bit of a wuss!!! :slight_smile:

anyway I wish lots of love to everyone on here! xx

Hello Pauline,

Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow. Hope you find the whole thing ok and get it fully investigated!

Carolyn xx

thank you :slight_smile: x

Hello Pauline,

Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow.

Hi Pauline, this may be too late for you to spot before you set off to your appointment, but I am thinking of you. Hope you breast team are as fanatstic as mine were and are… I know from the timing of your app. you are almost certainly not at the same hopsital.

hi everyone…thank you so much for all your positive vibes!!! :slight_smile:

my appointment this morning was certainly not ‘pleasant’ but the good news was that it was just cysts :slight_smile:

soooo relieved…

Id like to thank everyone for their support and comments…they really helped!!! :slight_smile:

you are a great bunch of women! :)xxx

That’s great news… so pleased for you. Now go and celebrate…

wonderful stuff Pauline, lovely news. xx