Good luck ceegra

Hi Ceegra

Just wanted to wish you good luck with your results tomorow, it seems like you have been writing on here for ages…

Lynn x

good luck ceegra hope your news is as good as mine was

Love Danni xxxxx

Good luck Ceegra for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you, thanks for your good wishes today

best wishes Scruffy

bless you all, funny i,m not nervous, prob will be in the morn, my appt is 12md high noon lol

yes i have been waiting ages, but at first they said it was a fluid cyst, but after aspiration the lump remained, so tomorrow will be 6 weeks and 2 days

if they do a core tomorow it will be another 7 days wait

so hold all your support sweethearts

bigest love hugs

Good luck Ceegra. Hope someone going with you for support.


Come on ceegra, we’re on a roll with good news so you’ve got to keep it going, Hon!!

Be right there with you tomorrow at midday!

God bless.

beano x


I will be thinking of you tomorrow - hope all goes well. Think about trying to get your follow up appointment out of them when you are there!

You have been so supportive many people - lots of positive vibes are being sent your way from here.



Cee good luck for today and I will be sending positive vibes

lots of love

Danni xxxxxxxx

Ditto what everyone else has said ceegra, good luck for today and be sure to let us know how you get on,

Take care,


Hi Ceegra, Just wanted to wish you luck for today, and pray you get good news. You have been a wonderful support to people even though you have been very worried yourself. Bless You and Take Care.
Love Jillianxxx

hi all, i,m back was ages at the clinic, but relieved to say all is clear, sniff sniff with relief, apparantly i had had an abcess which responded to the antibiotics leaving some old blood which formed the most recent lump

well they did a fna today and cleared that and i have no lump now yip yippee

thankyou all for your wonderful support i was like jelly today, i pray those that are waiting will get good news, its so elating

i will keep checking in to help those that are waiting and supporting my dear friends that have not been so fortuate

rosamund i,m here for you i pray your biopsy today reaveals no spread

tytytytu all
praise the lord


Hi Cee,
As beano said , you little Angel you are on a roll.
I am so delighted that you had good news today, and thank god for people like you and beano who stay here to offer support to others.
I also had good news no c in neck and no needles yippeeeee!!! can get on with surgery when consultant gets back.
Your prayers worked , thankyou my friend.
Love and hugs to all
Rosamund x

Nice one, rosamund!

Keep that roll going, girl!!

Love & hugs,
beano x

oh ros, i,m so pleased sweetie that you have no spread, it must be very frightening, i can only imagine, i will be here for you all the time,
today is not a good day as i am so angry

but i,m so glad the roll is continuing

love to you

lump bk no real explanation, i have started a new thread so read that all

angry and confused

love to you

cee, here’s a big hug for you!

That pool’s filling up a treat and there is LOADS just for you, Hon

beano x

oh my sweet beano, if you only knew how much that means to me i wish you could see my face
bless you your such a sweetheart
godbless you

Thank you cee.

I love the way I can send out love to you and it comes right back when I’m at a bit of a low ebb! It’s amazing and wonderful!

God Bless you too!
beano x