good luck Cherry Red

good luck Cherry Red

good luck Cherry Red I have been away and just thought I’d pop by to see how everyone’s doing. Good luck with your Op. I can’t remember if I told you that I had been seriously considering this op and battling with my docs to support me. Like you my private insurance probably won’t cover it and I have put it all on hold as I was told that I would need full surgical incision as I had had two previous ceasarians. Cherry Red can you tell me whether it’s the Female Gyneacologist at Fulham Road branch who’s doing your op.? I am very interested that it has not taken much time at all to get the procedure done on the nhs. Can you tell me whether you went up to Fulham or saw her (if itis her) at Sutton. I guess my case is slightly different to yours because as far as I know there is no history of ovarian cancer in my immediate family and i have not had a period for 9 months and my oestrogen levels are remaining low. I would definitely be going ahead with the procedure if I knew a laparascopic incision would be straightforward but the idea of a major cut just puts me off. Why do you think the consultants drag their heels over this.? anyway I’ll be thinking of you. I’m sure it will be very straightforward. and what a wonderful relief it will be for you when you know you’re free of them.

Lots of love Frances

Hi Frances Lovely to hear from you -I was hoping everything was ok with you.
Yes , the appointment for the oopherectomy came as a bit of a shock (don’t know why since this is what i asked for.!).-i think it’s the speed of the whole thing that’s taken me by surprise-I’m due for surgery on 1st march --assuming it dosen’t get cancelled -as i’m sure you know “non urgent” cases can be.
I was seen by who is a gynae-oncologist I believe he trained at St.Georges and the Marsden,although I have to go Guildford for the op.I do remember him saying it is much more complicated to try and do it laproscopically if you’ve had abdominal surgery of any kind-so , like you, I would be reticent to put myself through an abdominal incision.Anyway -typical of me -i’m wittering about it already , and what they might find.Frances-have you seen a gynaecologist already -and would you consider having a hysterectomy at the same time?
love cherry xx

ps… i see your’re now a year post diagnosis -is your mood holding up ok?

Hi Cherry, in answer to your question, I have not seen a gynaecologist and I found it helpful to hear that your Gynaecologist has confirmed the message I have received about the trickiness of the op if one has undergone abdominal surgery in the past. The idea of a hysterectomy has occurred but to be honest I am so uninclined now to undergo any major procedure in addtion to the fact that I am being advised that it really is an unnecessary procedure to undergo given my low oestrogen level that I have put it on the back burner. I would have definitely gone for the Laparascopic procedure … I think you’re doing the right thing.

Yes I’m coming up to one year. The date is around now that i first felt the lump in my armpit. It makes me feel sick inside when I remember it all. I think I am coping quite well mentally. I have a fantastic family who understand and support me. I’m still able to have a laugh.

I’m back at work. I work with adults in a hospital setting. They’ve been fantastic at work. The NHS is a good employer. Do I remember you saying that you worked in the NHS. Are you back at work.? Are you in a clinical or administrative setting?

Anyway I hope you’re coping with it all. Stay strong.


2 birds with one post! Frances - this Tamoxifen v Arimidex is really bothering me now ( I know I’m on the wrong thread here )- but i think I told you I was put on arimidex immediately finishing chemo. I was 48 and pre-menopausal when I started chemo. I do remember onc asking me when my periods stopped and my saying, after the 3rd cycle-so i assume he was making an informed decision when he put me on the arimidex. I do wonder if I should have been on tamoxifen (bit late now!) -were you treated at the marsden (Sutton) because if you were, I’m surprised they have different regime’s for this part of treatment (unless different oncs prefer different things).

Yes, I work for NHS too-(health visitor , hate telling people that -many seem to have had poor experiences with us -except I’m marvellous of course). The NHS was fantastic when I was sick and even extended my full pay to cover my entire sick period which was 10 months. I was getting full pay and statutory sick pay! (benefits agency said I was still entitled despite having full pay!
Cherry x

Hi Cherry Red, I am now very confused. I had one period after the first cycle of Chemo and I have not had any periods since. We are very similar in age so unless there is some difference in our cancers which has led the Oncs to prescribe different medications I really don’t understand the logic behind us having different hormone therapy. I can only guess that we have different Oncs who are coming at this from different perspectives. Who is your clinical Onc ? Mine is Prof Smith… I have just had a thought about this. I wonder if they have put you on an AI because you have a history of Ovarian Cancer in your family and I have read that Tamoxifen has a very slight risk of inducing uterine and ? ovarian cancer. That might be why they have prescribed Arimidex as your first line treatment. Had you thought of this? Anyway I wouldn’t worry about the drug you’re on as my Onc told me that if I went ahead and had an OOpherectomy I could then transfer over to an AI.

I wish we had met when we were having our treatments. I was desperate at the time to meet another woman with similar background and diagnosis. I’ve found this site so helpful.


same onc! Frances - my onc is professor smith too!! Good Lord -why the different treatment , I will have to ask. Tumours must have been similar -ie er+ to be on hormone therapy. I next see him in November-my mammo’s are done by my breast surgeon -although really I would prefer them to be done at the Marsden (mainly because I had that little scare after the first one.) Might explore that possibility on my next visit . (By the way, dont think he was aware /remembered my family history by the time I’d finished treatment!)