Good news about my bone scan

Just to let others know I got the results of the NM Bone scan I had on the 18th March, which were very good (so much so that my family and I cracked open a bottle of champagne tonight). Apparently, all they can see are shadows where the three skull metastases were, and no progression anywhere else. I asked my oncologist how they can tell that the shadows are not active mets, and he said that if the mets were active they would have spread by now (as the biopsy of my lymph nodes showed that my cancer is/was “very, very, aggressive”). He also said that the shadows are consistent with the damage that they would expect to see from the Cyberknife treatment.
Assuming my Oncologist is right that the shadows are just dying mets, and that there is no evidence of disease anywhere else, things seem to be going OK at the moment . To be honest, I feel like writing to the original Onc, who told me that my cancer is so aggressive that I would probably only survive for between 18 -24 months at most, and tell him that here we are 17 months down the line, and it seems I’m NED (but I don’t want to tempt fate so I won’t).
Anyway, it has convinced me that I have to keep going with the Cyberknife campaign, so that others can also benefit. I’m going up to Birmingham on the 19th April, because people who work for the Marsden and Mount Vernon (but are paid by Accuray), have organised a meeting to bring together everyone who is doing odds and ends around Cyberknife, so hopefully we can coordinate our efforts.

Fabulous news Lemonrove!
Keep on keepin on.


I have PM’d you - wonderful news. x

Great News!
Nicky xx

Briliant news!SO PLEASED for you!!!
Will be in contact about Sussex meet soon xx

Great news Lemongrove, I am very pleased for you.

I go to see my Onc on Friday and will be pressing for a referral AGAIN for cyberknife treatment on my liver following this latest chemo regime, I will let you know how I get on.

Kepp up the good work and if there is anything I can do to help (I have signed your petition), then do let me know. You will be well supported here.

Best wishes Sue x

Good luck Susie - the latest comment I had from my Onc on the phone was that Cyberknife was an “experimental” procedure - I know, but what isn’t in cancer treatments!!! It’s been used in USA for 10 years - they need to catch up on its use. I’ve found really good research on role of cyberknife and liver metastases on that I plan to share with Onc when we meet.
Good luck - Lemongrove is an inspiration - thanks for your support!

Frances, with regard to your Onc’s suggestion that Cyberknife is experimental. Cyberknife has actually been the subject of over 400 reviews, and is used widely all over the world. If you (or anyone else), pm’s me, I’ll supply the details of someone within Accuray, who will provide all the evidence you need.
In any case, I would remind him/her, that until such time as doctors come up with a cure for metastatic cancer, then every single treatment is experimental. In truth, when they plan treatment they never really know whether it will work.

Fantastic news!
Really so pleased for you.
Your determined effort to keep up with the ‘fight’ for cyberknife for everyone is an inspiration.
I applaud you!

Welsh girl x