Good news at appointment today

Cautiously given good news this morning (eventually). I was the only one recalled for additional magnifying mammogram (x3 different magnifiers). Although all the rest were ok, the 2nd last one had me almost fainting with pain. Lovely radiographer apologising saying it was the level of magnifying they needed. Spirits were down as she didn’t deny that they’d found something suspicious. Eventually in ultrasound they were scanning both as mamo has shown lumps in both that I didn’t even know I had! One in particular I said to Dr, " that’s huge, is there room for anything else in there"! She was blunt but lovely and admitted there were a lot of areas of concern but on a positive my underarms on both were 100% clear. She then said she would like to do extraction biopsies for the two biggest lumps (one on either breast). Really wasn’t as bad as I thought, and worth it to get it all done. Hardly any bleeding afterwards. Sample one was clear so cyst/benign lump (confused). The big lump on my right breast - fluid yellow, so I’m thinking things ok til the nurse says “do you have someone with you”, started to cry but Dr says not to panic, she’s sure the blood is trauma blood from doing the procedures. She’s graded it a 2 - which looking at the booklet is excellent and confirms unlikely to be anything to worry about. I’m sure 99.9% now I’m fine and will know 100% in a week. Thanks for all the support from on here that’s got me through and good luck to all the other ladies on this roller coaster. Lx

Have you found out yet? Sounds very positive

Hi, I actually phoned this morning as hadnt heard and was getting a tiny bit anxious. Was passed from pillar to post (nobody knew how to get results or who would give them - ARGH!!!), eventually someone says “oh we usually only phone if it is BC so it must be ok”. After being mad at not being assertive enough last week, I took big gulp and said "actually it’s not ok, it’s far too big a thing and too important to just assume anything - what if there was something and as nobody seemed to know where the results were never mind what’s in them - well, no, sorry - I need a difinitive (hopefully confirmed positive) result. I’ve had to leave my number for someone to phone when they’ve looked into it. What a strange way to work although at the cattle market (sorry I meant clinic), you could see they were bursting at the seams and under pressure so this must be a way of diverting the scarce resources to those who really need the help, support and future action plan. Given what some others are having to deal with, this is very minor worry and I’d take it every time.

Yey!! Got the good news confirmed by phone this morning. Funnily enough, a letter was just being posted today and they were happy to read it out to me. Very relieved and pressure feels less already. Good luck to everyone else on this horrible journey. Lorrainne. X