Good news at my appointment. I think???

Hi all

Just to update you on my appointment today. I had a mammogram and a scan. They both came back as clear. The doctor didn’t know what my lump was. They want me to go back in 6 weeks so they can look at my lump again and may be give me another mammogram and scan. I am keeping everything crossed that its still good new in 6 weeks. Thank you lovely ladies for all your support. Nicola

well that sounds good news to me too,… at least the mammo and scan showed up nothing, could just be a fatty lump… great news xx

yep, that sounds as if you will be back on here in 6 weeks wishing us all a fond farewell–great!

Thats great news! Glad you kept appt and pleased nothing found - come back in 6 weeks and let us know, but sounding good! xx