Good news -be encouraged!

Hi All,
I just wanted to share some good news.
I had a scan a few weeks ago, and had been told my liver secondary had shrunk by about a quarter, but when I saw my onc yesterday, he told me he had got hold of the previous scan and compared it, with a senior radiographer. They were looking at the difference in the actual tissues of the remaining tumour. He said it was dark and ‘necrosed’ tissue meaning dead tissue! not all fresh and vibrant and trying to grow. I am so chuffed.
My chemo has dragged on due to lots of complications since April and I still have 2 to go, but this makes it all worthwhile.
I know I’ve sometimes found it hard to hear other people’s good news on here, but other times it is just so encouraging, so please feel encouraged if you can, and if not, feel free to ignore it.
I wish you all the very best of successful treatment and long and healthy lives
love Jacquie

oh wow Jacquie, what wonderful news, i am really thrilled for you.
All the best with the last two chemos

Excellent news Jacquie and thank you for sharing it. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Margaret x

That’s brilliant news Jacquie! xx

Hi Jacksy,
Thats excellent news, had the same thing with my chemo too just necrosed areas showing up in my liver now, just shows that sometimes its worth going through the chemo if it gets results.

good news hope the rest of the chemo goes well

Hi Jacksy

its fantastic to hear good news, brill !


That’s brilliant news - really encouraging for us all xxx

Great news … keeps me going , starting new treatment for my liver lets hope I can keep up with you all.

Go celebrate…!!!

Brilliant news. Thank you for telling us about it.


Thanks for all your lovely messages of support. Just keep on gritting your teeth and lets get through this!
Love to you all
Jacquie x

Well done you! I hope you are planning your post-chemo celebration.