Good news for a change!

A bit of good news for my son, for a change! My sister, who works for the Royal Mail and delivers my post, brought me a letter with handwriting I didn’t recognise, and I found £100 in it, in notes, from his dad! It was from a former landlord of his - no address or anything, but just a note, saying that his dad was living and working abroad, but he’d sent us this for Christmas. My son isn’t saying much, but I think he’s pleased. Typical teenage boy, though, won’t admit it! He’s still hurting, and it’ll take a while, I think, to admit that he’s pleased his dad actually thought of him for the first Christmas since he was eight years old!

Lets hope that’s a sign of good things to come. Hope you and your son have a good Xmas.
Best Wishes
Caz x