good news for once

good news for once

good news for once got my path results yesterday and … the path on the breast they removed was totally clear. the chemo had worked there was nothing there. i was so pleased i was like the cat that got the cream. I said to the other half lets go to the pub as the kids are at someones for tea. He said he wanted to go back to work at home. He was less bothered about that appiontment as i was being really paranoid. Men ! feeling really good . I still have to have rads because they class me as young (ha ha) 41. It was the first time I saw the surgeon smile.
Catriona x

reply Congratulations Catriona

It is lovely to hear of someone getting good news. I know what you mean about feeling paranoid when going for results.

I hope you had that drink when you got home.

Love and take care

Great news! That’s great news! Well I hope that you celebrated that anyway! If my husband had said that I think I would have gone home and invited as many noisy friends as i could round to help me celebrate!

Hope that you stay feeling so good!

Nicky (another young 41 year old!)

That’s great news Catriona.

Take care
Love Anthi

its great to hear good news. well done and enjoy your celebrations
41 young??? I’m 50 and still class myself as young - well ok I’ll accept youngish!!!

Fantastic news!! Thanks for sharing it with us - it just helps to hear good stuff too. I guess its just human nature but sometimes I find myself getting lost in the awfullness of being sick - your news just reminded me that there are times for celebration!!
Best wishes