Good News

Thanks everyone for all your support it really helped.

Anyway went to the clinic today and the consultant has said it is just a fatty lump - he did an uss to check. I am soooo relieved, although dont think its sunk in yet!

The other good news is that he has referred me to the hospitals genetic team as he feels I am high risk due to my family history. He also wants me to go back and see him 6 wks after I finish breast feeding to get a baseline of my breasts.

Thanks again for all your messages, I wish you all the very very best, thanks again
Helen xxx

Am delighted to hear that you have a fatty lump … doesn’t sound very nice I grant you but better a fatty lump than a malignant tumour. Good luck with the genetic testing. Have fun with your baby now thatthe worry is gone.

Love Lilac

Brilliant news Gina - I’m so, so pleased for you. Glad to hear that a young mum has not got this horrible disease and can now get on with the very important job of being a mother. Best wishes to you and your little one. Jacqui xx

Great news Gina - so happy for you.

Judy x

Great news to hear - now you can get back to just watching the baby sleep…(I was always so busy doing just that!) and not having horrid thoughts interrupting you!

Sooooooooo very very pleased for you. Enjoy your baby.
Love Chrissie xxx