good news

I like to give good news so here goes. Lymph nodes removed at 9.00am yesterday morning home at 4.00pm no pain, arm moves up above my head as much mobility as before op. Muscle aches a little. Life is so sweet. Oh yea and just drove the car up the road. (we live on a private road so before anyone jumps it was ok). Ive walked the dogs round the block not on the lead but walked all the same.Nice to tell anyone that undergoes the lymph node removal its fine.

Sounds marvellous! I have to have a full clearance when my chemo is finished in a few months. How many did you have removed?

level 1 and 2 dont know how many until 19th May. Didnt hang around was in a hurry to get home as my bitch had 5 puppies the evening before lol…

Thanks Hatty, I am having full node clearance and mx after chemo and am very worried about it, you have made me feel much better.
Hope your recovery continues to be good.

cant say about the MX as im a cup cancer and there is no primary to be found anywhere other than its being treated as breast cancer so i still have my boob but the node part really was easy and i have to say i cried going to the theatre because years ago i didnt go out under the anasetic and couldnt tell them. It is so wonderfully done these days
anethetist was chatting to me about the new arrival of my pups and i woke up in recovery as simple as that. Im amazed and because i only had the lymph nodes out i was home at 4.00pm the same day. I suspect you will be in longer. Just keep positive about it all and you will be fine good luck tillybob.

What smashing news. Brought a tear to my eye. X

thanks hipchick.

Hi Hatty,

Its so good to hear positive news… how are you doing?

Ive only recently been diagnosed, and due to start first chemo next thurs 26th may. I kow the surgeon has said he will remove the lymph nodes ultimately, just dont know how many. I am more concerned about my boob, as Im quite big and dont want a mx- but then what women would really. Just hoping the chemo will shrink it.

You sound very positive, and its good to read your comments
take care