good news!

good news!

good news! After a ct scan,ultrasound and 2 MRIS and 3 months of terror-My liver lump is just bit of fat -had so convinced myself it was secondaries-feel so lucky but strangly feel quite detatched and numb thought ld be ecstatic-family are.think its not helped as tomorrow l am going with my brother for the resuls of his annual mri-10 yrs ago he had brain stem tumour-hes had 2 regrowths and is showing signs of another.he is terrifed-they can only manage it not cure him as although benign its so deep in fingers crossed. thanks for all who have supported me in last few months-really appreciated.
love to all sharon xxx

Excellent news, Sharon! Hope things turn out to be equally positive for your brother. Sending positive energy his way,

Mel x

P.S. Borders is still waiting for us, you know!

Hi Taffy
Just like to say how delighted i am about your scan results it always fills us with relief when someones results are good.

Thinkin of you though as you go to your brothers what a difficult time you are having trying now to support him.

Take care hun and keep us informed how things are.


fat glorious fat Thank god for fat bet you thought you’de never say that!!! so pleased for you Taffy. Hope your brother ok. My brother had Hodgekins disease and was sent home to die. He is still here 53 years in remission!!! I still worry about him. Take care good luck today Eileen

wonderful news today for my brother -one tumour has shrunk completley and other down to 11mm and may shrink more still.needs another mri in october but the dr was very pleased and its a huge relief.He has worked so hard to get some mobility and life back in the last 10 yrs so fingers crossed it will continue.thanks for all your support.
love sharonx

hi sharon, what a worry for you, i am pleased the results were good for you and your brother.

Hi Sharon, I’ve been following your posts waiting on the outcome- and what great news to have! I’m delighted for you- and your brother.
love Josie.