good news

good news

good news Hi all, I have not posted in a long time but I read often.

I was diognosed 18 months ago with extensive liver mets the largest being 9cm, I finished CHEMO last march but they hadn’t shrunk at all but stable which was good news.

I have been stable for the last 18 months on Zoladex and Arimadex.

Got results of recent scan on Friday and to my amazement the largest tumour has shrunk to 6. something as i had a telephone consultation she didn’t have previous measuments with her but she remembered it was near the 9cm mark. I am estatic but now dowting if she has read someone elses records.

I never thought it would shrink as i been taking the same med for months carn’t understand it but definately no complaining.

Love Cassy.

Anyone else in same situation.

Dear Cassie Such good news. Hope this trend continues for you.


hi cassy thats fabs news!
I’m in a similar situation I started out on herceptin tamoxifen zoladex and a few small liver mets appeared so I had X 6 TAX and they shrank a small amount then went on to have just zoladex herceptin (no AI) had a small amount of progression in the bones so started famara… then had a few probs with heart so they stopped herceptin ( gosh getting confusing now!) so was just left on zoladex and famara - was convinced that minus 2 of the meds that was keeping things stable I would get progression BUT thankfully at last scan everything was stable and I had liver ablaition on them a few weeks ago, just waiting to see whats going to happen next - just when you think you get to grips with understanding this illness something comes along and confuses you more- thankfullly its a positive confusion and LONG MAY THAT LAST
Love Amber xxxxxxxx