Good news


Had my results from my scan yesterday.

I was diagnosed in June with secondary cancer in bones and lungs. I had my last taxotere yesterday (6 of 6) along with the results of my scan.

Great news the mets in the lungs and bones have reduced significantly. I am really pleased, it makes all the chemo worth while. I am HER2- so no hercerptin for me (unfortunately). They are going to put me on Tomoxifen and Zoloedex. As I am ER+ they may decided to tie off my ovaries at a later date. Has anyone else had this done?

The only thing is the onc says my next check up in a months time will be in the form a a X-Ray? I don’t think that X-Rays are as good (that they can miss things) and what about the mets in my bones? I am wondering weather to push for a CT or bone scan? Has anyone else been told this for follow ups?

Anyway just wanted to share the good news.

For those of you that are feeling rough going through chemo it can be worth it in the end.



Sorry I can’t help with your question, but glad to hear your news

Hi Fay, thats wonderful news! congratulations. You must be feeling exhaughted after the Taxol, but its great it worked. I had taxol after my chemo (the normal stuff) and only could manage 4 does as my body couldnt cope. I am er positive like you. I have just have brain mets. I am also on Zoloedex and now faraston (tamoxifen makes me feel too wonky) I had a ultra sound of my pelvis at the start of the year and they couldnt find my ovaries, the chemo had killed them off, well made them shrivel up anyway. My oncl said that while on zoloedex there is no need for removing the ovaries (if they could find them) as it does the same thing anyway. I have the zoloedex every month by injection, Its a tiny pelet they inject into my ample stomach fat. Sounds gross, doesnt hurt really, no worse than anything else we have been thru. I live in Australia, so I know things are a bit different here, but I’d really push for a CT scan over an x ray. Do you have pet scans over there. I know different doctors have different views on weather they work or not! Anyway I will stop blurbling on… Take care love Suzy

Good news for you.
Follow up scans - in my experience varies from hospital to hospital. Although I have bony mets as well as lung, liver and lymph ones, they are not so keen on doing too many bone scans due to giving you radioactive stuff. My bony mets actually show on CT scans.
When my bony mets were developing and I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk, the bone scan did not pick up these mets but an xray did 2 months later!! Apparently, not all bony mets show until they have reached a certain level.
My expereince is that they are not so interested in bony mets unless they are going to cause permanenet disability ie in spine as basically the bony mets won’t kill you but the other type of mets will!!!
Again, because of the risks with CT and the degree of magnetism or whatever it is, most hospitals won’t scan for about 2-3 months. If your lung mets are showing on the xray and you are not having problems with your breathing, I think it is unlikely they will scan you for 2-3 months. Obviously, if you feel ill or have other symptoms then they would review it.
I’m hormone neg but from what I’ve read here on this and other forums often the hormone treatments give really brilliant results in keeping the cancer at bay (and in my expereince better than the women who have her2+++ and herceptin but that may be because I seem to know lots of women in the last year who have had herceptin but have gone onto develop secondaries very quickly but that is my experience and probably does not reflect the stats before I scare all of you who are her2+++ . In my personal experience it is better to be hormone positive as there are lots of treatment options and is less aggressive than the her2+++ type)
Hope all goes well with the next stage of your treatment and look forward to meeting you at Westminster
PS Hope I haven’t scared her2+++ women - I think I’ve just been in touch with too many women with a poor prognosis that I’ve known through these and other forums who are her2+++ and their disease has spread rapidly.

Hi there,

As Kate says, they do not tend to give you bone scans unless you present with pain. Also, a CT scan would probably show up any new bone mets. I think x-rays are a pretty good way of seeing what is going on in your lungs, and if they had any doubts they would probably do a CT too. Any time I have needed my chest looking at, I have been given x-rays. I have CT scans about every three months, at present, for liver mets, these being more difficult to spot and there are often no physical symptoms to go by.

Good luck with tamoxifen and zoladex and congrats on your good news!


Great news Fay! Tamoxifen worked well for me (on my bone mets) for ages and ages.

Hi, Fay. Just read your news and want to add my loud CHEER to everyone else to celebrate your news. X-rays do a good job on lungs. There are several issues about CT-scans. As has already been mentioned by Dippykate, a CT-scan delivers a lot of radiation (much more than x-rays) but more than that, a CT-scan or bone scan can give a false impression as the dead cancer (necrotic tissue) can look like a tumour in a number of tissues including bone, when it fact it’s just the remains of a tumour which is dead or dying. A PET scan, which also delivers a lot of radiation and is expensive, shows up the increased metabolic rate of tumour tissue in relation to the tissues around it. That would be something to discuss. However, if there’s a limit as to what they can recommend after the treatments you’ve just been thru because of its effect on your blood and immunity, then maybe the x-ray is all that’s useful just now.
Wishing you well,
Jenny xx


Thank you for all your kind comments.

I am now getting over my last taxotere. Yuk…

Lets just hope that will be it for a while.

I have the tamoxifen and the zoladex to look forward to now.

Take care

Fay :o)