Good prognosis

Hi everyone
My bc nurse quite often tells me I have a “good” prognosis"
Does she mean it’s neither excellent or poor? …but inbetween?
But then I get confused because had low onco which means low risk of recurrence.?
Can anybody help?

Hi Rachael,
I would take good prognosis as a very positive thing. I too have a good prognosis despite one lymph node being affected and a tiny tumour on my chest wall. Hopefully chemo and rads have done their job, so I now take every day I feel well and happy as a good sign. Breast cancer took 10 months of my life. If I allow the fear of it returning to dominate then it is winning and I won’t let it do that!! Enjoy life and live every day to the fullest!
Love Claire xx

Hi Claire,
Aww thanks for that hun…i know I need to start feeling more positive about stuff.
How long as it been got you?
Rachael xx