Goodbye for a while.

Hi to all, I’m saying Goodbye, for a while, perhaps for good, I’m not sure but I have been wanting to take a break from the forums for quite a while. I didn’t want to just pootle off in case anyone suddenly remembered me and wondered if I was poorly…or perhaps worse.
I’m feeling really well…I suppose I want to make the most of this time, I am a realist and know these good times will, must, eventually end.
If you have my email address please keep in contact with me.
I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and I hope the New Year is a good year for you, a year for effective treatments and the minimum of side effects.
Happy Christmas.
With Love, Belinda…x


I understand your reasoning. It has been far too hard on here lately.
However, I for one will miss your sincere, thoughtful and heart warming posts.

You have been so kind to me. Thank You!! Take care.

Julie xxx

I really empathise with what you are saying Belinda. I keep telling myself that I must wean myself off this site and I do look at it much less than I did. I found it very helpful when first dx in May last year, but now wonder if reading about other people’s very real and at times devastating problems is a really positive thing to do. Not that I am saying that people shouldn’t post about these things - OF COURSE THEY SHOULD. But for those of us who are at the moment NED, I sometimes feel a bit like a voyeur. However we are all different and should all do what helps us most.
Best wishes Belinda and really enjoy “your time away”.

Hi Belinda,
I quite understand where you are coming from. I am currently NED and feeling really well at the moment and mainly just hover at the moment checking in on friends not doing so well. I have had a really blessed year of doing lots of enjoyable things and being fit enought to travel and really make the most out of life but often feel afraid to post about it with so mnay others not having such a good time at the moment.
I have always found your posts very wise and uplifting. I wish you well in making the most of things as I am doing too.
Take care Belinda,
May you keep well for a long time xx

Hi Belinda

I always read your post and you gave me a great lift the evening that I was going on my ill health retirement evening. I’ve had a great year-travelled, visited Jerusalem (somewhere I went 29 yrs ago and wanted to return to). As you say I know it wont last but I’m enjoying what I’ve got while I’ve got it then I’ll go onto the next phase. I will miss your posts but I wish you a Happy Christmas and very best wishes for next year.

Thank you for giving me hope.

Sue xx

Belinda - can totally understand your decision and will really miss your posts…

Take care

Theresa x

Will miss your posts, Belinda, but understand completely.

Enjoy yourself - and may the good times be also long times.

Kay x

Hi Belinda
i do understand - its hard - balancing support with those going through deteriotation - neds not a word i have ever heard - these forums are so much quieter these days and sometimes i feel so alone - there was only me on live chat last week … with nurse/ bcc rep … so i think many people have gone quiet recently ( myself included) dont know, though where this leaves us? Jayne


For a couple of weeks there was only me on live chat too. It has made me feel a bit reluctant to go on.
I was very shocked about geo. Things must have happened very quickly for her.
I will pm you tomorrow and see if you feel like going on.

Belinda, did not mean to hijack your thread.
Julie xxx


I too will miss reading your posts, and your help with regards to xeloda. I hope that you have some fantastic times ahead of you, and long may they last. Completely understand where u are coming from, I too have taken a back seat compared to when I was first dx, but like to come and see what is going on.

U take care

Happy Christmas Belinda
Its good to step back sometimes,I find I am posting less and less these days.
Love valxx

Yes, Happy Christmas Belinda.I’ll miss your posts.xx

Good move Belinda - I think I know where you are coming from. Make sure you enjoy those good times. Will be in touch. :slight_smile:

Jayne & Julie, I used to join live chat quite often - and really value it - but I’ve not joined in for some months now. I will try again in the New Year. (I’ll make that a resolution.)

Jenny x

Have a great time doing every thing you want to do. Thank you for you posts and support. We will miss you but completely understand.
ps other econdaries women, I will also try to use live chat next year, as it would be good to talk to you.

Hi Belinda
I know exactly what you mean and why you want to be away for a while.
Happy Christmas to you and your family and may 2010 be a good year for you - and all of us.
Nicky x
ps have PM’d you

Hi Belinda,
I can understand your need to break away. I rarely used this site for a period of time but was pleased it was still there when I got my secondary diagnosis. I would like to keep in contact with you if you don’t mind as you’ve been so helpful to me and I’m yet to make it to the Mangreen centre!


Hello Belinda
Long time since ive been on here as I needed a break. Glad you are feeling well. I’m back on chemo again.
Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a Happy & healthy New year.
love megatha xxxx

Hi Belinda

Will miss you. There were times when I was really down and your posts lifted me and helped me nore than I can say.

Thank you Anne xx

Hi Belinda

Just wanted to let you know that you were a real inspiration to me when I first joined this forum just after my bone secondaries diagnosis. Hearing your story gave me the hope that I desperately needed as my Oncologist had given me a prognosis of just 2 years. I will miss your wealth of knowledge on bone mets but I hope the Xeloda continues to be good for you and that you have a Very Happy Christmas and good 2010.


Right back atcha honey - you take care xxx