Got a cold on the "2nd be careful week"

advice please, I have woken with a cold and am on my first chemo 2nd week. This is the week my immune is low. Temp under 38 but I feel like I’ve a head cold. Am I ok as long as tenperature doesn’t rise ? Thanks in advance

Hi…if you keep an eye on your temperature, especially just before you take any medication for your cold that would be safest. If you are at all concerned, I would ring your emergency number for advice. I had very low neuts and high temperature and was admitted for a few days for IV antibiotics…I seem to remember (over 3 years out now) that it is more about infection than virus, which a cold is, and that you’re more at risk from yourself, i.e. cuts, grazes, urine, chest or throat infections or unhygienic food than colds etc. never did find the cause…I just felt like I had proper flu!

Hope that helps a little, and that you feel better really soon…a cold is horrible at the best of times :frowning: My only bit of advice is…if in doubt, ask as nobody will mind and you will feel better for asking. Take care M x

Thank you Maryland. Just to reassure myself and anyone else in the same boat. I had a cold but I never got a temperature so all was good. Just checked it everyday … Thank you for the advice