Got a date for surgery

Hospital phoned me today at 6pm to let me know that I had been booked in for surgery on 29th May - yippee. Don’t understand why I’m so cheerful about this as I’m not looking forward to it at all. But at least it’s a start. They also told me I had an appointment this Friday morning I assume for pre-op tests, first I had heard of it but hey ho I don’t care, I’ll get there early and find whoever I’m supposed to see. CT scan was clear and now I only have a bone scan next week.
Apart from right side mastectomy I haven’t a clue what other treatment is planned but right now I don’t care I’ll worry about that when it comes. It’s been 9 long long weeks since I was diagnosed with BC and this weekend I intend to relax with a large G&T. Hangover be damned I’m going to sleep all weekend.

I do understand where you are coming from- I was relieved when I got my date too!
You hang in there - My date is for right side mx as well - guess when? 29th May! So we go under on the same day!
Good luck :slight_smile:

I am now unofficially cracking up – had a phone call from hospital yesterday to say that my surgery was on for 29<sup>th</sup> May, wonderful I thought. As I haven’t a clue about hospital admissions (been lucky never ill before) I asked well what do I do next, young lady said Oh ??? will discuss it with you Friday as you have a 9.30 appointment – first I had heard of it - he’ll phone you tomorrow to make arrangements. Well he didn’t and I don’t know whether I should go and try and find this guy as I don’t know which department he is in, i.e. breast clinic, outpatients or somewhere else.
Tried phoning the BCN and left a message, she didn’t get back to me. Tried e-mailing, she didn’t get back to me. Should I go and possibly waste a morning. Answers on a postcard please!
Joke of the day - I got an appointment through today for another scan, and oh happy days, it’s the same day as my supposed surgery.
It will be 75 days from diagnosis to surgery assuming that my surgery will still be on 29<sup>th</sup> May, so much for the 31 day guidelines.
Absolutely naffed off with the whole affair.

I hope you went for your 9.30am appointment! Yes they do that sometimes - I came out of my MRI and went up to the Breast Clinic to find out when my appointment was for the results and was told that it was the next day at 9am!! No letter or phone call! How was I supposed to have known if I hadn’t gone to find out?? As it happens they rang me later that same day and said that the results had not been available for their meeting so my appointment would be the following week but still I hope you managed to find out where your appointment was!
Sorry you are having such a difficult time.

Hi Liz, Thanks for your reply.
Well I did go to the breast clinic this morning and the chap who was supposed to ring me just happened to be there and I was on his list for pre-op assessment. So I had my assessment today just usual bloods and ECG. So I only have my NM bone scan next week, not looking forward to that, 4 hours is a long time I don’t think the battery in my ipod will last that long. The appointment they sent me for the 29th was thankfully a double-up on the scan I had last week. Oh the letter for this morning’s appointment arrived at lunch-time today, I think I’m getting a cold, please anything but that.
Thankfully the CT scan I had was clear, I’m quite a heavy smoker (unclean) so it was good to find my chest was reasonably clear. My sister died of lung cancer 2 years ago and I must admit that was probably preying on my mind and might explain why I was getting so rattled with the whole thing.
When I was talking to the nurse at the assessment she told me that as I am borderline diabetic I should be one of the earlier patients to go to surgery on the day - just in case there are any complications, only time that it’s been a plus!

Hi Madjock
Glad your CT scan was clear :slight_smile:
One of the things I was told at the pre-op was to get myself a bra extender as there would be swelling after the mx (I am booked to have an immediate recon) - I went into panic mode as I have had a great deal of trouble in the past buying these so I rang my sister to see if she had any to spare - she said she would look but she didn’t hold out much hope - she suggested I Google which I have just this minute done and do you know what?? Good old Amazon do them :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Silly me - why did I panic? but it is so easy to go into panic mode at the mo - I even had a nightmare this morning that I went in for my SNB and came out without a breast - scary scary. Calm down dear, calm down! Deep breaths.
Sorry to hear about the diabetes that is not good - but as you say it does have its up side! :slight_smile: