Got a date!!

Just received a phone call with date for op. - 3rd September. Not sure how I feel. It makes it all so much more real and terrifying but will be glad to get it over with. I expect the next couple of weeks will go really quickly - or maybe they’ll drag. Gosh am I confused and scared!!


Great news! Knowing the date is so much better than waiting! What op are you having/ Hope all goes well’
Love Julie XX

not too much longer to wait hon at least your treatment is moving now
love to u

Thanks all. Yes its good that its moving forward. Op should just be right mastectomy - no lymph nodes or anything as they reckon its been caught really early which is a blessing. Makes me feel a bit of a fraud for feeling so nervous - downright scared actually - when I read what many of you have been through but haven’t had an op since I was about eight years old - only 47 years ago!!

Bod bless.