got my dates for chemo

well just got back in from seeing my fab new grandson and the post man had been to drop off the dreaded letter got to have bloods took thurs (12th) and pre assassment and first chemo friday (13th) talk about coming down from a high , i thought it was all going to happen on the 18th but now im thinking this maybe for picc line i knew its was going to happen but i think i was starting to belive i was dreaming no such luck. do they give you chemo with a cold ???
i dont really know wot to think i feel sick just rang my daughter and she want me to go back round to her seeing my little man will make me feel better im sure
maz xx

hi maz

Better to get it started earlier, waiting around for it to happen is the hardest part. Once you,ve got your first chemo under your ‘belt’ you’ll feel much better. If your blood count is ok they will still start chemo with a cold. I think your right to go and see you your grandson, it will cheer you up no end and take your mind off things, kids are great for that aren’t they. Look after yourself and try to do lots of nice things whilst your waiting.

Maria ( another maz) x

Yes, definitely better to get started and on the road to getting it over with, without too much time to get scared. Take a list of questions and worries in–the nurse who did my assessment was so nice, and actually answered most of my questions before I asked them. Ask about the PICC on Thursday; they might insert it with the pre-assessment if they already know this is a possibility. I had mine inserted between FEC1 and FEC2, because there simply wasn’t a slot available before the first.

It’s great that you have a grandchild to give you something good to think about in the meantime.


hi maz,dont be scared u got ur dates. onwards and upwards hun.will be thinking of u and concentrate on that lovely lil boy!! love alex xxxxxx

Hi maz,

dont be scared, it only seems like a few weeks, and i have just finished my chemo, it goes quick, and once you get the first one out of the way and you have a better idea of what to expect you will be fine i am sure.

anything you need to know post on here and someone will be able to help i am sure, look after yourself and all the very best to you love lizxxx

I disagree - if you want to be scared, go right ahead. It IS scary waiting, but at least you have fewer days to wait than you first thought. And it really IS better once you’ve got the first one out of the way, the first one is the scariest.

I was a total wreck while they were administering the first one, I confess. Before the E went in (it’s red and rather alarming, and that’s the stuff that takes your hair) I told my OH to say goodbye to the hair, as once that one went in it’d be too late. It’s a bit like that first snip at the hairdressers’ when you’re having a new style - once that first snip’s happened, then the rest of the haircut just has to happen.

But I was fine for the next couple (got No 4 this Thursday), though of course no-one could say it is enjoyable.

Best of luck, and I hope they’re able to stick in the PICC before your first one, that will save you the discomfort of messing around with cannulas.

had a right row with my dad last night he was telling me to stop being silly nothing to be scared about i would be ok i said yer i may be but my hair is going to fall out to which he said dont be daft it dont happen to everyone ok but im having 4 lots of e it is going to fall out and bust into tears, he was trying to help me but he dont understand wot im going through , its one thing having needles ill have to put up with that but hair loss well you all know it dont matter if you know before hand it still comes as a shock when it happens , my 10 autistic son is not finding it easy and is begging me to wear hats all the time even for bed he told me he dont want me to see him on or off the buss when my hair has gone thank god today im going to see about a wig let hope i get a good one and not one that looks so fake

Not surprised you had a row with your dad! What a STUPID thing to say… it comforts him to think that you’re going to be OK… and it minimises HIS anxiety! My OH said (when I was at my worst) there are others worse affected than you… and he got a verbal slap! what he said was true - it just doesn’t help! Your feelings are your feelings, and no-one can tell you they’re wrong/silly… they are how you feel, and it’s OK to feel like that… most of us do at some point, if we’re honest. I think perhaps your dad might not be the best person to share your feelings with though - got any good girlfriends who could cope? hang on in there… love Jane

Hi honeybee121

I think you have every right to be scared. I doubt if there is anyone who has been faced with a cancer diagnosis who has not been scared. I know I certainly was when I was diagnosed last August. The ‘not knowing’ what will happen and how it will affect you is scary. However, as you will see from this forum we do get there and I now feel that I have reached the other side, thankfully. Your dad may be very scared too and this is his way of dealing with it. It must be very hard being a parent having to watch their daughter go through such trauma. Re. your wig, the wigs you get these days are very realistic. I met a couple of people yesterday who I had not seen since before my treatment all began and they could not believe that what I was wearing was a wig!

I wish you all the best and hope that this journey is kind to you.

Take care. J.

Honeybee, Jane has given good advice. Your Dad is scared too but his way of trying to help you is not helping. He’s probably helped you all your life, and done his best to protect you and now he’s helpless. Being a parent is tough, as you know. Your little boy needs to be reassured and that’s hard for you to do when you’re feeling so scared yourself. I have an autistic grandson, and when he’s faced with a new situation it really helps him if we make a story of what is going to happen, with all the characters true to life, and go through step by step, sort of a rehearsal for the real thing, then when the new situation happens, he knows what to do.

The wigs are really really good and won’t look fake. You can get messy ones if you’re not the neat type. Mine is a bit messy and looks more like me than an immaculate one would. Take your time choosing and then you can do the story thing, picking him up from the bus, wearing you new hair.

There’s another thread going on this forum about losing hair. Take a look at that.



I know where you coming from, My wee boy was every bit a frieked out and was SO upset, you know but for any other readers he is 9 and is autistic too, they just don’t want things to change and are so scared of it, when my hair started to come out it wasnt clumps that were fearful sights it was just like when you brush your hair only more so, however if you pulled i it just came out readily, so I let him pull some out, somehow when he knew it didn’t hurt me it seemed to help, I had decided on the day I was going toget the wig that I would get it cut short, I did a no.1! and there were some bald pathches when that was done too, OH went to pick them up from school and said I had got my wig and my hair was nearly gone, when he came in he was wowwed at the wig but was desperate to pull it off and have a look so he did and he really laughed!! For sure he doesn’t like it I was in bed by teatime yest after chemo, I was on my new laptop and he came in got my wig ans tried to put it on “put this on mom” he said you look beautiful with it on" bless, no he doesn’y like it so I tell him that’s how we know the medicine is amking me better, it helps but it’s never gonna be easy for boys like our eh? I was sick last night, in the night ( i’m sure the hospital here skimped on the anti sick meds, didn’t seem as many as the other hosp? gonna check it out?) Anyay he came in to our room to find a bucket by the bed (yes clean…but well used!) and a towel soaking up some spilled bottled water… " Let me guess …you bin sick in the night? Oh mom I never heard you! Did Dad help you? I need to get in and give you a shnug" so we shnugged!!! Fellin loads better now! OH cleaned the house through, I have had better days but don’t they go easier with support Love to you Maz You’re doing great!!! love Jeanette xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thanks everyone i know i got you lot to support me when im down cos noone here at home will listen and if i do go on they will come out with “you forget we have to go through it too” which i guess they do in a way but its not the same,that why i like comming here you all are dealing with the same thing one way or another and know wot it is like thank you x , anyways got my wig carnt say i love it but its not bad i went for a short bob as that how my own hair is (well was i aint cut it since dx) thought i was better off going for something close to wot i had difference is this has high lights in it so far they(daughter and oh) have said its nice i even got a sleep hat as my son told me i have to wear a hat all the time so i got one just for him ,J i know where your comming from i understand it all when it comes to our boys there is not a day when my son dont come up to me and ask if im ok infact he will ask 100 times aday poor lad he is so worried if it wasnt for him i think i would be a mess but i have to keep things normal for him . i want to cut my hair now but hubby says no wait a little longer at lest untill first chemo out the way so thats wot im doing but now wig here my son may or may not relax a little ill show it him later when he comes home from school . sure hope they sort the sickness out for you j i think that side of it and sore mouth is one thing i am not looking forward too as i know if im sick i wont eat good for losing weight but not good when you been down that rd before many yrs now but still the mind has a way of going over the past sure hope it gets better for you
tc evryone maz xxxx

I agree with your OH my hair was fine right up to about day 17 post FEC1, I was then in the gotta do something room as it was hurting! Donna my wig lady said ut’s war zone chemo trying to kill and hair folicles trying to hang on, I had a funny little picture in my head a bit like that gaviscon ad! Lol xxx just to say that I found the CMF very doable??? hope that gives you hope! granted it wasn’t nice, and last FEC I was not too bad ( i’m sure that the tined glasses about the chemo 14 years ago arn’t that rosy!) Lots of love
Jeanette xx