Got my operation date.

So I’m having a lumpectomy on 29th April.
Counting the days now. Still can’t get my head around this. :frowning:


Hi Carole/Kalo,


Like you, I am still catching my breath.I was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 13th, followed by a whirlwind of meetings, then had my lumpectomy on March 31st. I have had a ct scan and I am now waiting to see the oncologist, So far I have taken one day at a time and tried to remain positive, but I must admit I am dreading seeing the oncologist for my results. :frowning:

Good Luck with everything and to everyone else on here, I was so pleased to be told about this site and to be able to share my thoughts with you all.

Hi kalo, I am having my op on 15th. My surgeon told me that the scar would be about 2 inches. Lump is 11mm. She said she will shape it to follow the line of the areola and it will be were the skin changes colour. It will of course depend on where your lump is, but the size of the scar may give you some idea if you know the size of the lump. Take care xx

Hi Carole
Just read your post. I had a lumpectomy on 29th January my scar is about 3" and a
1" scar from the Snb. There are stitches on the inside buy they superglued me back together. All healing well. Any other questions just ask.
Take Care
Angie. X

Hi ladies 

're: scars - I had surgery in Dec 2010, and within a few months the scars looked like creases in the skin, and have faded away to almost nothing, as have the SNB scars. I had some corrective surgery last Feb, and those scars are barely visible now. So surgeons are very good, and just make sure you follow aftercare instructions to keep skin in good condition etc.

Wishing you all the best with your ops.


Im feeling really flat right now. Just finished work until I’m ready to go back after op so date is unknown and it started to hit me this afternoon as I was finalising things and handing work over to colleagues. There were a couple of emotional goodbyes from some very close friends (even though I will be in touch while I’m off).I’m not wanting any particular advise or anything i just felt that here i can write this stuff down and it doesn’t feel quite so lonely.I probably need a good cry but it feels like I’m blocked and I can’t…almost like if I start I won’t stop…does anyone know what I mean? I think I’m going to be up and down this weekend. I will stop now…babbling.

I know exactly how you feel - I was diagnosed 4 Feb, had my op on 4th March and haven’t cried.  Its very strange how it effects you isn’t it.  I was so scared about having the op and thought i would be a blubbering wreck going to the hospital but no, just got on with it and no tears.


Hope you op goes well Princess, the waiting is the worst thing.


Good luck Fowey with your oncologist appointment tomorrow, let us know how you get on as I have mine in a weeks time and getting nervous about it.


Thanks to you both for your messages. Fowey, I will have everything crossed for you tomorrow and hope that at last you can cry and they will be tears of relief!

Jaye, its a waiting game and there are so many things to overcome and face and get through. Its such a help though to be able to share all this with people who understand completely. Tiny steps. Big hugs to you both xxx

Hi Fowey, i was thinking of you today and wondering how you are. You must feel drained being told all this information and trying to take it all in. So, excellent news that they got clear margins around the lump. I guess you have a couple of weeks to prepare for the start of chemotherapy. You are ahead of me in the whole process so I can’t offer you advice about this next part of your treatment, but there are a number of chemotherapy threads and I’m sure you will find lots of support there too.

Wishing you all the very best for this next part of your journey, take some time to rest now over the next couple of weeks. Big hugs xxx

Hi fowey

Glad your oncologist was nice and that you have clear margins which is great.

It’s all so stressful isn’t it and so many parts to this journey


Try to chill out before you tackle the next stage - easier said than done, I know!


Good wishes

Jaye xx