got my results

got my results

got my results Hi Beverley, and all who sent me messages, got my results this morning, bad news is I have cancer, good news it has been found early, have to have op on 12th April, but first have to have bone scan and stomach scan, to see if it has spread, more waitng, but at least I,m on my way, funny thing is I can,t cry, my sister has been told by her husband (she has just finished chemo, for aggressive cancer, just come off the phone to her, we were comparing symtoms and actually laughing about it, hope my atitude to this horrible thing continues, but not going to pretend to my self suspect when I,m on my own, I will cry a waterfall, the Breast nurse is coming to see me on Tuesday, she seems great and easy to talk to, my husband is being fantastic, but I can see the worry in his eyes, my main worry at this minute is my daughter who is only 20, spoke to the consultant, he told me she will not be offered a mamagram until she is at least 30, and by then he feels breast cancer will be a thing of the past, lets hope so, anyway thank you all for your messages of support, I,m sure I will be here again in the near future, and if anyone wants to contact me please do so.

I read your posts this morning and have just come on line to see if you had got your results. So sorry to hear the news, but you will get great support from everyone on this website. I am 8 months down the line and have had chemo, just finishing rads. Take heart in the fact there are so many of us and lots of positive outcomes. Look after your self and take good care.


thanks thank you for your reply, I can,t beleive the support I have received, I was on the live chat last night and the nurse answered my questions, and with the support I have had here it is great, trying not to let my husband know how scared I have been, my sister is finishing her chemo on wednesday, she has had an extra four after agreeing to enter into a trial, she will have six weeks grace before starting rads, she is so strong I admire her so much, she has three boys under the age of twelve, and is adament she is going to beat this
take care and good luck

Hi Heather So sorry to hear your news but as others have said, everyone on the website is hear to support and listen.

As far as your daughter is concerned, you might want to push a little harder for a mammogram for her. I am waiting on results of a recent excision at the moment so during the past week my sister approached her own GP and asked for a mammogram. She is now scheduled for screening on 14th May. My sister is in her 40’s so older than your daughter but her GP was very sympathetic and if my sister or I had adult daughters, they would have been offered the same.

Failing that it might be worth paying for a mammogram for your daughter. Most of the private hospitals operate well woman programmes and having looked into this myself, they are not that expensive for peace of mind.

In Canada and the USA women are screened every year from the age of 40. Sadly the UK falls way behind this.

All the very best

oh no sorry to hear your news, i think you have a great attitude towards this and wish you well. I also think you should push for a mamogram for your daughter.

God bless x

Hi Heather

I’m so sorry you had to join our club.

I cried when I was first told I had breast cancer but since then I have hardly shed a tear (it’s been 6 months now.)

Your good humour will stand you in good stead. Laughing has helped me through some very dark moments and I know it has also helped my partner, friends and family.

That said, don’t be afraid to give into your emotions if and when they come. I’ve had one panic attack and lots of angry outbursts. I’ve also had moments when I’ve felt really depressed but I find that whatever I feel, acknowledging it helps to make sure it doesn’t last too long.

Keep remembering that your prognosis is excellent as they’ve caught things so early.

There will be times, I’m sure, when you don’t feel as positive as you do now. Remember that it is all fleeting and will pass. And I promise you everything gets easier with time.

Take care.


Lola x


So sorry to hear your news, but as you said it has been found early- You’re so lucky to have agreat family to help you though this. Wish you all the best!!!

for Heatherellis Mammograms are not a particualrly useful tool for picking up breast cancer in younger women because younger women tend to have dense breat tissue so lumps don’t show. Much better I think for your daughter to be ‘breast aware’: that is know her own breasts, what looks and feels normal for her…and to see a doctor if she notices any changes in how they feel or look.

I think though that your consultant speaks rubbish if he thinks that breast cancer won’t be a problem in 10 years time…would a cure was that close but I don’t think so.

best wishes


Hey Just wanted to add, please please push 4 your daughter even just to get checked out my younger d
sister did when she found out about my cancer. it really makes me mad when Doctors pass people off for there age, it really makes no difference. I had to go to my GP twice before they finally reffered me and when my biopsey results were back and they proved to be cancers i had to have the biopsey done a second time as they thought it was a mistake unfortunatly it wasnt. Im 22!!
Hope ur still being positive
nic x

Hello Heather,

i’m just on this site for the first time tonight. I’m going for biopsy results tomorrow. you talking about your sister touched me greatly as my closest sister was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in 2005 and has completed most of her treatment. Just that you were able to share this with your sister is wonderful but I can’t bring myself to tell mine that I even found a lump recently let alone that i’ve been to the clinic for mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. She seemed to have such a hard time these last 2 years and worried more about me than herself during it all! i don’t want to burden her with my worries if you know what I mean and yet she is the closest and dearest person in the world to me. I might not tell my husband that right enough!

I wish you all the best and take great comfort in the words of your consultant. I’m a certain it’s true. there are truly incredible breakthrough’s in cancer care, treatment and cure in the last few, and in the coming years.

All my best wishes