Got Plastic Surgeon appt on Thursday

Not sure what my hospital can do nor what they will offer me… I’m just going along on Thursday and will show him what I have on offer (in other areas) and let him decide what would be best… I like the sound of a DIEP but dont think they do that at Haslar in Gosport, they definately do the Tram Flap and LD Flap as I meet ladies last year that had it done there.
Am I doing the right thing or will doctor expect me to know what I want? I just want a GOOD new boob and a good match with the other too.
Are there any questions you can think of I should be asking?

xx Vanessa

Hi Vanessa

Can I suggest you have a look at the BCC booklet on breast reconstruction. It has lots of information on the different types of reconstruction which you may find useful.

It can be found at

I hope you find it helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Hi MummyV (Vanessa)

It was really good to meet you at the younger women’s forum. I found it a really useful experience and it was also good to meet up with others in a similar situation (even if not for a nice reason). Anyway I was very interested in the talk about reconstruction as although I still have to wait for a while, at least I’ll be able to make an informed decision. I know that when the time comes, I will definitely go for what will give me the best results. I was so interested in the micro surgery where they take muscle from your tummy and implant it into your chest (although I think you need some flab for that and not sure if I’ve got enough). I’d be really interested to know what is recommended for you and why. Good luck with it and make sure you get what you want, not what they prefer to do because it’s the cheaper option.

Best wishes
Ruby xxx

Thanks Ruby

Yes the weekend was good wasnt it… I could have talked to more ladies but found it all a little overwhelming… Information overload. I was so tired on Saturday night. After seeing Claire who has the DIEP and Alison who had the LD Flap it makes the decision even harder as their boobs looked wonderfully natural. Dont like the idea of an implant though but then I’m not sure how they will be able to make a new one as droopy as my own!

Will keep you informed my dear.
xx Vanessa

Well I met him. Spent over an hour talking and showing me his e scrapbook! Really impressed with his work. Have complete confidence in him. He can do a DIEP, and I’m going back in a month to confirm my decision.

If his work is THAT good then we want to know his name!!! I need a second opinion after an unsuccessful LD flap.

He’s an RAF Officer, not sure what his surname is as didnt catch it… I know it doesnt sound too good does it but his first name is Demetrius, definately surname of Greek origin that’s why I didnt catch it, a long one.
He used to work in Leicester (Glenfield possibly) and Toronto. I will find out his surname and let you know.

Hi Vanessa

I’m so pleased to hear you’ve got so much confidence in Demetrius! It’s also good to have some time to think about it all before making the final decision. Look forward to hearing more as and when.
Ruby xxx

Found out his surname. No wonder I didnt catch it! Demetrius Evriviades.

Hm, had experience of RAF dentists and wasn’t impressed. The doctors seem to think aspirin cures everything! On the other hand if he’s a Greek God i.e. eye candy then maybe the shallow wench in me could be persuaded to “assess” him!

Good luck …

Just thought, he’s gonna see me naked!!! better lose some weight, need to impress!!!