Got result at last-Good news

Hi all

I have posted on another thread, but thought this the right place to give my update

I went today for the results of a biopsy on a lump I found under my left armpit,

I originally went on the 16th for a mammogram having felt something in my natural breast and had waited 2 weeks for the mammogram. I found the lump the night before I went for the mammogram, and they did a needle biopsy on it.

Today got the result, there is no evidence of cancer in the lump, so they are just going to monitor it and do another scan in around 3 months time, so as you can imagine I am utterly relieved, having spent a total of 4 weeks waiting for appointments and then the results.

Feel is if I can get back on with things again, and just want to pass on my best wished to all who are in this horrible position, may you get a good result too.

Thanks for all the support I received whilst waiting.

Love Deborahxx

wonderful, good to feel happy isnt it

take care xx

Fantastic news - go celebrate!

finty x

remember this feeling and live it from now on.

best wishes