Got to go back in 2 mths.. am I worrying unnecessarily?

Back in March 2014 I found a tiny lump & was seen at breast clinic. Had mammogram and US and Dr was 85% sure it was a cyst. I told him I needed 100% certainty so he tried draining there and then and it deflated and I was discharged.
December 2015 I find another tiny lump in same place. 2-3 wks later I went to drs then on Tues this week I was seen at breast clinic. I was asked if I have pain and said no, as I don’t. But my breast is aching and often feels warm, but not to touch.
The consultant found the lump and I had mammogram. Then I had US. . The lady doing the US repeatedly measured the lump (they never measured the one back in 2014) and she repeatedly scanned my underarm. After 10/15 mins of repeating these actions she left the room to get a 2nd opinion. I was petrified!! A Dr came in (I assume he was a dr!) and he measured my lump several times and scanned under my arm. He then said “it looks benign and is only tiny”.
I then saw the consultant again who said I have swollen lymph nodes under my left armpit and the lump in my left breast is only 4 mm and looks benign. It’s too small to do a core biopsy and may just vanish. But she’d like to see me again in 2 mths if it’s still there and made me an appointment for March. She said they’d then decide whether to operate and biopsy it or monitor it further.
My Husband felt this was a positive result… focusing on the words “it looks benign”. I on the other hand feel I’m none the wiser. It’s obviously not a cyst as surely they would have mentioned the word cyst.
My actual lump doesn’t hurt but my left breast kinda aches, it’s hard to describe. I cannot tell my other breast is there at all but I can feel this one the majority of the time. Like a pulling sensation too.
Sorry for the long post but wanted to post as much info as possible. I feel it’s constantly on my mind . Can they know 100% that this lump is benign. Should I have said although it doesn’t hurt I do have feelings there? I’m 44 .

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Sorry, just seen this post and have responded to your other one.  Please do give our support line a call whilst you are waiting for a reply here on the forum.

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Thank you Anna .