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I am DCIS and will have a mastectomy within the next two weeks. I recently had partial and although painful managed to keep working. I can no longer work as breast is painful, lumpy and still has stitch in. I work for an agency and therefore if not working not getting paid.

Has anyone any experience with claiming a benefit for support. I made a claim two days ago and they think I should be on a new benefit that has replaced the incapacity and kept referring to going in for interviews to enable me to go back to work as soon as possible. I want to work as I always have and its sooo boring at home. Is there any other benefit I should be thinking of as dont want any more stress due to finances.

Many thanks for all your support.

Hi Daisy do

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care forums. Whilst you wait for the other users to reoly with their experience and advice you might find the BCC booklet ‘Breast Cancer and Benefits’ useful to read. This booklet will guide you through some of the benefits that are available for people with breast cancer. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:-

I hope you find this helpful.

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Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Don’t let financial stress bother you Daisy at a time like this! Your hospital social worker will get in touch with the MacMillian cancer charity who are there to help with financial problems as well as providing nurses. They will pay for your car tax,insurance etc. to keep you going until you are back on your feet again.
Josie xx

daisy - I dont want to discourage you but its unlikely you will get Disability Living Allowance which would pay for car tax etc. and give weekly income. This is not usually given to women with primary cancer or DCIS as it is seen as a fixed period and at some point you will be well,

You should definitely have the chat with the hospital social worker as they may be help you with the “new” incapacity benefit and probably more importantly making the most of your tax credts etc. Its a really complicated area and getting some good advice is helpful- Citizens Advice Bureaux may be useful as well.


Thank you all so much for your kind advice and comments. Its nice to think that your not alone at this time. I am a week old gran now and dont want to burden at a time when joy should be foremost.

Once again thank you all.

There is a new benefit that helps you back to work as well. I work for an agency so no work no pay.

I have sent them a certificate and filled out the forms over the phone and will wait to see what happens. Its called employment and support and over 13 weeks they monitor your progress??

So long as I can get the rent paid!

Good luck everyone.

Hi Daisy
Have you applied for rent and council tax benefit/rebate yet. If not call your council tomorrow to get things rolling. You can get these benefits if you are on a low income or certain benefits and you don’t have lots of money stashed away(or proprties!).

thanks Alice - I have now done that and want to get everything sorted before mastectomy.

thanks everyone for advice and acts of kindness to a stranger.

God bless you all