gp comments

Hi im new here I posted earlier about an appointment this Thursday. I just wanted to know if anyone else out there was told by their gp when finding the lump initially that they really believe it isnt bc? My gp yesterday literally used the word ‘promise’ she said I promise you I really don’t think its anything to worry about. Has anyone elses gp been this positive and were you/ were you not diagnosed with it? I keep chewing over it in my mind but then why the urgent referral if she really does believe that. Im feeling so confused and I feel like a zombie im here in body but not in mind and soul. My husband keeps telling me tostay ppositive because the gp said that to me with such conviction but my selfish nerves and emotions are getting the better of me :frowning: plus she didnt tell me anything about the lump she went straight to her computer to get the referral form whilst telling me she thinks its nothing. So confused any advice?

Hi,faith,try not to worry,GPs have to refer you straight away as you must be seen within two weeks.
Huge hugs xxxx