GP found lump Breast clinic didn't

Hello everyone. Im a 30 year old woman really after some advise on what to do. I went to my GP 3 weeks ago with a lump on my chest area near left breast. After examining me she confirmed that this was bone but she discovered a lump in my right breast. I was so shocked and upset when she put my hand on it. How did i not notice. She referred me there and then to breast clinic in Glenfield Leicester a week later, and kept emphasising the fact she wasn’t too concerned.

After an extremely anxious 7 days my appointment finally arrived. I was taken down to ultra sound,but on lying there the nurse asked me where the lump was. I pointed to the area but said my GP had found it on examination etc and I wasnt 100% sure I had the right bit (it all felt lumpyin that area). She said I was to go for an examination before she would do an ultrasound. I went back to the waiting room and was called about 5 minutes later. I explained everything to the clinician and she examined me and asked me lots of questions. After she had finished she told me that I was fine. I just had very dense breasts and that my contraception implant probably emphasised that even more. I was so elated. I asked her if that was it and she said yes nothing else needs to be done. I didnt question it or anything. I was so relieved it was over.

Now I have never ending questions going through my head. What if she has missed something? My breasts do feel lumpy and the right does have a lump. My gp was concerned and the clinician wasnt??Should I go back to my GP or trust the advise I was given?

Im so sorry for rambling dont know if ive explained myself very well… I just would really appreciate any advise. Im just really confused.

Thank you so much for listening

Hi celica

Welcome to the BCC forums, I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and in addition you may find it useful to call our helpliners where you can talk your concerns over with one of our team. the lines are open Sat 9-2 and weekdays 9-5 on 0808 800 6000.

I am posting a link to the breast awareness information published by BCC which you may find helpful to read and you can read or order a copy of it here:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/40/

Take care


I go to Glenfield hospital, busy isn’t it, was the consultant you saw Greek?

You should feel reassured after you appointment,of course you want to believe them but I know its not that easy. If you are still not happy perhaps you should go back to your GP as thats where it was found.

Take care


Hi, same hosp for me too - they quickly found my lump and confirmed BC.
I agree with Jan, if you can still feel something, go back to GP. It’s horrible having that doubt in your mind.

Best wishes. Stella

Thank you so much for the replies. I think the lady was Greek. Long brown hair and glasses I think. Fairly young. She seemed really confident in what she told me and did full examination. Just have that little doubt nagging at the back of my head because they didn’t do an ultrasound. Feeling my breasts both are very lumpy which is what she said along with density. Staff were so friendly and helpful I don’t want to doubt her judgement.

Again thank you for your replies. I really appreciate it.

Love Sarah xxx

If you could feel the lump your gp found - and it felt like a definite lump (not just generally lumpy, as all our breasts can feel), then I’d go back and speak to your gp. It’s impossible to live with this sort of concern, and I don’t think it would be at all out of place to have an ultrasound to just confirm things are ok - and you should not feel anxious about ‘making a fuss’. This is your body, and your mental health too, should not be under-estimated. If the consultant had found the same lump and told you it was fatty tissue, or a cyst, then at least you’d have your answer, but it doesn’t sound like you really have the answers you need.

I know it’s hard, as it feels ‘wrong’ to question medical decisions, but YOU are more important than a consultant’s feelings - which prob. wouldnt’ be in the least bit hurt if you wanted a second opinion, in any case! Ring your gp - get the ball rolling, and I’ll keep it all crossed that you really do have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Take care hun

Sophie xx


Hi Celica

sorry you’re having to go through this, it’s so confusing all the what if’s and it sounds like you need some more answers. I’m also 30 and it took 3 visits to my GP (I felt I was wasting their time as she said it was a cyst) and a nagging partner (who insisted I wasn’t wasting anyone’s time) before I could get a referral to the breast clinic and in the end it was BC, so I’m glad I did now. Most lumps turn out to be nothing but it’s best to get them checked and get the answers you need.

I’m with the other girls too, if you feel the lump and if you’re not sure then a visit and chat with your GP (or a different gp for another opinion) sounds like a good step, that’s what they are there for.

all the best and try not to worry!

Cat xx

I would say defo return for peace of mind. It’ll always be a niggling doubt otherwise. I certainly wouldn’t have been satisfied if I’d have psyched myself up for all the clinic tests, only to have none. I’m sure it’ll be fine especially at your age but I’d request a 2nd opinion so u can then hopefully put your fears + anxieties to bed.
All the best
tina x

Gosh I’m not sure why the consultant didn’t do us on the breast, for your peace of mind if nothing else. Wouldnt have taken long ! I would definitely go back and push for a more conclusive diagnosis.

I was dignosed with breast cancer at Glenfield in March 2009.I had a mammogram which was negative, a ultrasound which did not confirm anything and then an examination by the specialist.She did a biopsy and 2 weeks later confirmation of bc.I had been sent away from gp’s several times when i complained of pain and told it was nothing because the mammograms I’d had were clear.I was told it was just muscular pain.
As others have said ask for another opinion if you are not happy.
Good luck and I hope you find it really is nothing to worry about.

Thank you for all the replies everyone. Think Im going to get in touch with GP. This anxious feeling is just going to keep bomeranging its way back if idont. Wish I could just accept what Ive been told. Feel like its my fault. I should have asked more questions and been specific in ultrasound. I just though they would check the area not need me to pin point the exact area. :frowning:

Thank you again. The support and kindness on this site is fantastic. Lots of love to all xxxx

Celica - one more thing - when you do get re-referred, and I know you will, take someone along with you for moral support, and with a written list of questions. It is very easy to panic and forget, or to just feel that you’d be making a fuss, but with someone to back you up, and ask things that you forget to - it makes a big difference.

Sophie xxx

Hi Celica
My mum had bc a good few years back and my aunt had fought it last year, since my mum was diagnosed I always checked my breasts. I was informed that I had to have a breast check 7 years before the age my mum was when she was diagnosed- which happened to be last year but I never got round to it. Then whilst in the shower in Sept of last year I found a lump- on the chest area of my right breast. I went to my gp the following day who too felt it and I was referred to the local hospital. 2 weeks later myself and husband attended the appointment to be told that the doctor couldn’t feel any lump and that I was “all skin and bone” I was then informed that I would be referred for a mammogram “just to be sure” and to go home and enjoy my dinner as she imagined I hadn’t enjoyed my lunch!! As soon as I left the room I said to my husband that woman doesn’t believe me. 2 weeks later I had my mammogram and asked when I should expect the results and was told 2 weeks. 3 days later an appointment came through for me to attend the clinic (a week after mammo) At that app she informed me “something had shown on mammo” I was duly sent for us which showed something suspicious,went back in to see doc and was duly apologised to that it had taken so long to get me to this point- I am a strong vocal person but I was in so much shock all I could say was that I know my body and I knew the lump was there. I was then sent for biopsy on a day they were not normally done and then given an appointment at an “extra clinic” for my results which confirmed that it was in fact bc. I know that this is a huge rant but the thing is you know your body and you know if something is wrong so go with your instincts and revisit your gp- they are paid to care for you. PS thank you for listening and I hope everything goes ok for you xx

thanks for sharing this info.

Hi Guys. Im back from visiting my gp this afternoon. I have put off going back trying to accept what the specialist initially told me etc, but after months of it niggling at the back of my mind I made the appointment. My GP checked my breasts and was shocked Id not had an ultrasound, when she reffered me. She has told me not to worry but must be checked out. Im in bits. Cant focus on anything. She made my appointment for the 26th but i cant bare to go through the wait again. Ive booked myself into a private clinic for Monday. Scared.

Hi celica, I feel for you, well done for going back to your gp it must have been difficult for you. It’s good that you don’t have to wait long to be seen. Try not to panic and keep yourself busy this weekend,don’t google! Waiting is really hard x. Keep us posted

Hi dear Selica. When a doctor says that everything is in order, and another said that the swelling in her right breast, it is better to be safe. I think that we must once again go to the doctor and undergo a complete examination. Make sure 100% that everything is in order.