GP found lump, breast clinic found no lump. Should I still be worried??

Hi everyone, I really need some advice I’m kind of freaking out a bit here.


I’m breastfeeding my 6 months old and started getting weird pains a few weeks ago, like someone was sticking a pin in my left breast. A stinging pain. I know it wasn’t mastitis because I’ve had that before. There were no red marks or anything. I went to my GP thinking maybe it was thrush. He said it wasn’t and said he felt a lump, which moved around a lot apparently. He said it was probably breastfeeding related but he had to refer me anyway just to be safe. I went to the breast clinic last night. The Dr there examined me, and he said there’s no lump there. So I didn’t have a mammogram or any further tests. He said the pain was likely to be engorgement/blocked milk ducts. I do need to go back in 4 weeks just to check again. I felt relieved at first. But now my mind is racing with all kinds of things. This morning I noticed when I looked in the mirror and lifted my arm up the bottom of my boob kind of lifts in one place, like a little dent. I’ve never noticed this before… but it’s really worried me now. The pain has gone and I can’t feel any lumps, but near my armpit is really sore and painful to touch.

Also I had pneumonia last year, in the left lung. It was totally out of the blue I’ve always been fit and healthy, don’t smoke, don’t drink, no family history of athsma. Have had chest problems ever since this. Could it be connected? What if the Dr missed something? What if the pneumonia happened because I have cancer? Also I keep getting pains in my upper back. From carrying my baby, maybe? Am I just being a major hypocondriach? I really need opinions/advice to help me get through this next 4 weeks! My family and friends all say I’ll be fine and that I’m worrying over nothing.


I feel like I’m going insane!! PLEASE HELP!!


Thank You Xx

It sounds like good news that the clinic didn’t find anything. They are probably just asking to see you again to be on the safe side.

At my appointment today, my doctor said that cysts can come and go, so it could be that you had something like that which has sorted itself out.

It sounds like you are convincing yourself of the worst case scenario. It seems likely that your back pain is caused by carrying your baby, rather than anything else. Take it from someone who has seen three different specialists at the hospital in the last two months - not everything is related and different things going wrong at once can be just coincidental /bad luck. Sounds like you are going through a rough patch so I’m not surprised you are worried. Try not to focus on the negatives

I like lists. That sounds strange but once I’ve written things down I don’t need to keep reminding myself of them. So why don’t you start a list of everything that’s worrying you? Hopefully that will help you let go of those thoughts. It will also give you a reminder of what to discuss with the doctor when you go back to the clinic.

Hope you feel better soon xx