GP requested appointment following cyst removal

I really don’t know what I’m doing on here as I feel like a fraud. Over the years I have had a complex cyst which keeps on refilling. I have had a core biopsy twice on it and both times it has come back clear - the latest about 18 months ago (certainly pre pandemic). Last summer I noticed my cyst had come back again and then a few months ago I noticed it had grown so I went to GP and got referred to Breast Clinic. I have private healthcare through my work so used that. Following an initial consultation I went for mamogram and ultrasound, it was the same radiographer I’ve had before and from my notes he ralised it was the same cyst. He was considering draining it and doing core biopsy on it again but then changed his mind and said he wanted to speak to consultant about it. Long story short they decided it was best to removed the cyst so two weeks ago I underwent breast excision surgery - all seems to have gone well and have follw up with consultant scheduled for tomorrow evening. I wasn’t worried about it at all but then Friday 4pm I get a call from the GP surgery saying they want a telephone appointment with me (all apppointments at the moment are a telephone call first) and they have scheduled a call for tomorrow. I’m now really starting to panic as to why they want to speak to me. The rational part of me says it is just because they are following up from the discharge letter they got from the hospital and surely any news on biopsy results will come from the consultant. The irrational part of me is saying that they have had biospy results and they are not good. 

Even writing this down has heled me to clear my head a bit and I’m sure that if biopsy results were not god consultant’s team would have been in touch. 

Hi Rolo,

Thank you for taking the time to write your post, we’re so sorry to hear how worried you’re feeling. If you are still waiting for your results and would like to talk through anything, our breast care nurses are here to listen and support you - you can reach them on freephone 0808 800 6000 or email them here.

Sending you my warmest wishes  :two_hearts: